Keeping Those Priorities Front and Center

My To-Do’s for work and home occasionally look more like a novel than a list.

If only mine came in such pretty packaging

When all my willpower and focus is on getting things done, I forget to do simple things like drink water and breathe. No, really.

prioritiesSo, I made a list of priorities. A visual cue to remember to slow down when things get fast. There will never be a time when all my to-do’s are crossed off, and that makes it so important to remember to take care of me in the little ways. 

This week’s priorities:

  • H2O: I’m great about drinking water when days are “normal”. As soon as things get busy (AKA 95% of the time), I start hustling around like a mad woman and am lucky if I slow down to get a sip at the water fountain. Really bad habit.
  • Regular breaks away from desk: Did you read the article in the August Runner’s World about how long periods of sitting can lead to all kinds of health risks? (The link’s not up on the website yet, I’ll update soon). I’m fortunate in that I move around a lot at work, but I could be better about getting up and moving around during those periods when I do have a lot of computer work. I can always go get a drink of water!
  • Don’t scarf lunch – enjoy!: I can’t be the only one who has the hidden talent of making food disappear in five minutes or less when under time constraints…right?! Often the sense of “hurry, hurry, hurry” and “busy-ness” is perpetuated as much by me as by the people who need the actual work done. Taking my full lunch break – and actually enjoying it! – is not going to delay any work significantly but it might help me keep my sanity.
  • Breathe deeply often: When we get stressed, we start breathing shallowly and rapidly and our fight or flight responses get activated. By slowing down and taking a few deep breaths, our body goes into relaxation mode and nips the stress reaction in the bud. I’m stopping short of saying I’ll complete a deep breathing exercise one or two times a day (who needs another to-do?!), but Mark’s Daily Apple has a great article on how to make it a part of your routine.

Easy enough, right? Just my way of trying to keep some balance when the days get crazy.

Always, Sierra

Do you have to write yourself post-it notes to remember to breathe too?

What are your favorite ways to relieve stress when things get hectic?

Unicorns and Dragons and Work-Life Balance

I returned from a mini vacay last week and promptly got my butt kicked by work. Not a gentle put you through your paces butt kicking, but the type that left me with barely enough energy at the end of each day for perfecting my position on the couch. Did I want to be semi-horizontal or fully horizontal? Left side or right side? Eyes open or eyes closed?

Work-life balance…what a deceivingly simple phrase. Take two things that use up the majority of your time, “work” and “life”, and balance the resources and effort put into both to create a mythical world where you’re evenly fulfilled and successful in each.

Except, it doesn’t work like that. Days aren’t always perfectly balanced. Time is a relative concept instead of a concrete fact. Sometimes one area of life requires concentrated focus, and other things slip to the side for a while, patiently breathing over your shoulder, reminding you that when you’re ready they’ll be waiting. Ever the perfectionist, when that happens I have to remind myself it’s okay

This morning, I got in a couple easy miles that my sense of balance has been gasping for.

Morning Run TemescalMorning RUn Temescal Morning Run Temescal Morning Run Temescal Morning run Temescal Morning Run Temescal

 It was a lovely, misty, cool morning, and it soothed my soul. I hope your week is starting off balanced in your favor.

Always, Sierra