Some Stuff I’ve Been Loving Lately

I’m overflowing with all kinds of awesome finds lately and I was too impatient to wait for Friday to be alliterative and crafty with a Friday Faves post. We’ll just call this one Tuesday…Tuesday…

I got nothing. Wait! Tuesday Things. Yup, Tuesday Things that can actually be enjoyed on days other than Tuesday. And that, my friends, is my thought process. Not everyone can come up with this quality writing, you know.

Baby Avocados


I recently stopped in at a FoodMaxx and found a bulk bag of these tiny, perfect-sized avocados! No more eating half an avocado and letting the other half get brown and gross in the fridge. [Side note: if you’re looking for a new guilty pleasure try a bag of chili cheese Fritos with an avocado as dip. Dee-licious]

Budget Wines at Grocery Outlet


Grocery Outlet is the BEST store for finding good wines at budget prices. They’re marked down so much that I’m willing to try a bunch of new ones, and don’t mind the occasional stinker. Three Hoots Strix Sauvignon Blanc was a recent tasty find (plus that label).

three hoots strix sauvignon blanc 2010

Naked 3 Palette

This Christmas I was gifted the Naked 3 palette, and I’ve been enjoying it just as much as my go-to, the original Naked. This rendition features rose hues, and comes with four of their eyeshadow primer samples. The colors are pretty, hold up well over the day, and easily blend.


I’ve avoided pink/rose eyeshadows ever since someone in college told me I looked deathly ill when wearing an orangey/peach hue [because of course it was the hue and not the technique, right?!]. I’m so glad we’ve been reacquainted.

Having the Newspaper Delivered

Yes, it’s true, I’m doing my part to keep the printed word alive. Three days a week, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, I feel a little tickle of joy every time I open the door and find that little bundle of ads/comics/important stuff waiting for me. Enjoying the paper over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine has become one of my go-to ways to unwind a bit. Plus you get to find out about really cool things happening in your community! Who woulda thought?

PhotoGrid_1389674405859Stephen King musicals, human interest stories, and sour beer!

Saucony Guide 7’s

I didn’t love em at first fit. In fact, I was fairly dubious. But we’re going on two or three weeks now and skepticism is turning to lurrrrve. Review soon to come!

Saucony Guide 7

What have you been loving lately?

Always, Sierra

Thursday is the new Friday

Sometimes I like to go to Starbucks for lunch and feed my coffee addiction pretend I’m one of those cool people who gets to hang out at cafes during weekdays.

Starbucks for lunchHave you tried the Zesty Chicken Bowl? So freaking tasty, much better than the brown rice/kale bowl imo.

Last night, I went to Pasta Pelican with some of my fave gals.

Pasta Pelican

This was my second visit this week. It all started with a living social deal for dinner on Tuesday. The food was delicious, and between the classical music, homey feel and waterfront views, my soul was soothed. I did some ear-hustling while we were there and discovered that Thursdays are $10 wine tastings, all you can drink. True story.

When I hear wine tasting, I think small portions carefully poured into large glasses. Imagine how I felt when I walked in and saw this serve yourself table.


I like your style Pasta Pelican. Nicely done.

Just a few days ago I was browsing through the pages of the September issue of Better Homes & Gardens, and there’s an article featuring several health and fitness pr’s and some of their favorite tips. Here are two of my favorites, both dealing with my favorite thing in the world: food!

PhotoGrid_1379098893752{click for easier reading}

I’m a fan of sharing plates and taking home leftovers too when I eat out, but that whole eat an apple thing never works for me. I finish the apple and I’m just as hungry when I get to the restaurant.

Sometimes if I’m headed to happy hour (or all you can drink wine-tasting), I eat a meal at home before I go. Usually whatever I fix myself is going to be much healthier than what I’d end up indulging in while out, plus this helps me avoid drinking on an empty stomach and helps me save money. Last night I made a quick kale and ham saute with lots of veggies before I met up with the girls and then shared a bruschetta appetizer when I got there. Pasta Pelican’s bruschetta is on soft bread which I loved! I always feel so awkward when I eat the crunchy bruschetta. I’ve got a bit of a fear of dentists and imagine all of my teeth cracking with every bite. Hi, my name is Sierra and I’m neurotic about my teeth¬†lol.

Do you have any favorite eating out tips? Have a great weekend!

Always, Sierra