Workout Recap, 9/9 to 9/14

It’s shaping up to be a beautiful day here, hope your weekend’s going well!

Monday: 2.67 mile hike, 530 feet elevation gain. Fun morning jaunt with the pup.

hiking boots

Tuesday: 5 x (almost) 400 meter repeats. 3.14 miles, 11:46 average pace (includes warm up and recovery). Dynamic warm up. Skipped foam rolling/hip strength due to dinner plans (whoops, may have paid for this later).




Avg Pace





















This is my first time tackling repeats not on a treadmill. I found a relatively flat quarter mile stretch and experimented with knocking them out. The only time I actually hit 400m was the first repeat. I’d like to blame it on my lack of planning to mark where my 400m ended (excuses, excuses), but really I think it was because I was busting out of the gate a bit too fast (my current PR for a mile is 9:47).

Wednesday: off

Thursday: off

Friday: 6.66 (what a coincidence) long, achy, discouraging miles, 12:27 min/mile. Dynamic warm, 10 min foam roll.

My long run for the week and it felt ridiculously hard. I don’t know if it was my body not yet recovered from the new speed work on Tuesday, the couple glasses of wine on Thursday dehydrating me, or the fact that I was constantly running into or perpendicular to the wind, but the only good thing about this run was when it was over. My hips were aching so bad I wanted to cry (this leads me to think it was too soon after the speed work).

Since I’ve started running farther distances and over an hour, I thought I’d give one of those handheld water bottles a try. I picked one up at Marshall’s on the cheap for around 10 bucks…fail sauce. I felt like I was carrying lead in my hand, even after I dumped a good portion of the water out. Maybe if I had a smaller bottle? Are the waist belts any better?

long run horibleness

I also failed by not bringing along fuel for this run. I’ve just built up to running for over an hour in the past few weeks, so my fueling technique is pretty much non-existent at this point. By the time I made it home, had a quick snack, showered, and was able to make myself dinner, my stomach was so empty that trying to eat food was making me nauseous. Lesson learned!

Saturday: 2 mile leisurely walk with the pup to keep things loose. Was still feeling worn out from yesterday, but comforted myself with a tasty treat…or two.

breakfast at cafe M

Sunday: 2 miles, 11:21 avg pace. Short, easy shake out run. My legs felt fresher than Friday, but not 100%. 

Run total: 11.8 miles

Hike/walk total: 4.67 miles

Overall: I’ve been feeling so confident and capable after increasing my long runs by a half mile to a mile every week for the past month or so, that I think it went to my head this week. I wanted to throw some speed work in, plus do a longer long run, plus shoot for four days of running, and in the end maybe all that was just too much! My head is usually leaps and bounds ahead of what my body’s ready for, and walking that fine line between pushing myself just enough to see continual improvement but not so much that I totally wear myself out is challenging. Next week I’ll be focusing on hip strength, hamstring stretches and IT band foam rolls to try to prevent those achy hips from getting any worse.

Always, Sierra

Do you carry a water bottle or wear a hydration belt when you run? I’m thinking I’d have better luck with camelpak than something handheld.

Workout Recap, 9/2 to 9/8

I’ve been seriously lagging in the blogging department for the past couple weeks. I took on some new responsibilities at work, and as much as I’ve enjoyed the challenge, the days have been wringing me out like a wet towel. Lately I’ve just been glad to find the energy to get my runs in! I do miss the blogging though. When I’m able to post regularly it always seems so much easier to find my motivation to run, live healthy, do meal prepping, etc.

Monday: off

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: 3.89 miles, 11:16 min/mile. Dynamic warm-up, 10 min foam roll. Hip strength 3 x 12, bridge and clamshells 3 x 25. Much warmer than I was hoping for, but I didn’t give up the ship!

don't give up the ship

Thursday: 3.88 miles, 10:49 min/mile. Good pace but my legs were tired from the day before and felt heavy. Dynamic warm-up.

Friday: Off, the Mr. got us tickets to the A’s game, they won!

A's game

Saturday: off

Sunday: 6.21 miles, 11:18 min/mile. Dynamic warm-up. 10 min foam roll. It was an early wake-up call for this one, not only to beat the heat but also because I had brunch plans with the girls at Brenda’s French Soul Food. So delicious! The crawfish and the granny smith apple beignets are a must, but everything we ate was tasty. Oh, btw, they put little jars of peach cobbler filling on the tables to top your biscuits with. Yeah, it’s that serious.

Brenda's French Soul Food

Run total: 13.98 miles

Overall: I was hoping to add in a fourth day of running this week, but between Labor Day, work, and social funness it just wasn’t going to happen. Instead, I decided to up the mileage on the runs I was able to get in. Running back-to-back days of almost four mile runs was definitely new for my legs, it’s been a while since they’ve felt so leadish. Here’s to another week of good runs!

Always, Sierra

What’s your favorite brunch place? Your favorite brunch food?

Hello September! Workout Recap, 8/26 to 9/1

Happy Labor Day! Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend, the weather in my part of the world is gorgeous. Thought I’d stop in for a few and chat about my runs this week.

Monday: off

Tuesday: 3.01 mile progression run, 10:30 avg pace, and my first mile under 10 minutes! Dynamic warm-up, 10 min foam roll, hip strength 3 x 12 each move, clamshells 3 x 20 each side and bridges 3 x 20.

running milestone

Wednesday: off

Thursday: off

Friday: Starting a tradition of long run Friday. 5.71 miles at 11:43 avg pace, up from last week. Was shooting for 6 miles even, but the heat started getting to me after four miles and I turned around early. I need to get smart about fueling if I’m going to keep increasing mileage. Dynamic warm-up, 10 min foam roll. Hip/glute strength fail, was in desperate need of sustenance.


long run Friday

Saturday: Does hours of walking around Great America with short bursts of high intensity roller coaster rides count as cross-training? I was so disappointed to find they renamed Top Gun to Flight Deck!

Girls Day at Great America

Sunday: 2.50 miles, 11.22 avg pace. A few short, steep inclines, and two longer, gradual inclines.  Dynamic warm-up, 10 min foam roll. 

Run: 11.22 miles

Overall: Work got the better of cross-training (and blogging!) this week. I fit in three quality runs, and had a major running milestone…my first 9:xx mile! Never mind that I was this close to heaving when I finished lol. I’m calling this week a win, and looking to add another day of running next week.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Always, Sierra

When’s the last time you went to an amusement park?

Workout Recap, 8/19 to 8/25

It felt great to get back into routine this week! Work was crazy every day, and every day it was tempting to tell myself I “deserved” a rest day. I just kept reminding myself that being active is my way of de-stressing, and that I would feel better after getting started.

Monday: Easy recovery run, 2.19 miles at 11.14 avg pace. Dynamic warm-up, 10 min foam roll, hip strength 3 x 12 each move, clamshells 3 x 20 each side and bridges 3 x 20.

stank face

Tuesday: Strength workout. Two rounds for time:

  • 2.5 min jump rope
  • 25 squats (alternate 5 regular, 5 plyo)
  • 25 shuttle runs
  • 25 incline push-ups
  • 2.5 min jumping jacks
  • 25 tricep dips
  • 25 burpees

Round 1 – 13 min, 3 min break, Round 2 – 15 min

Wednesday: 3.98 mile run, forgot my watch! Was tempted to run nekkid, but ended up using My Tracks App on my phone to keep track of the stats. Not sure how my average speed ended up being faster than my average moving speed? Skipped foam rolling/hip strength in favor of quick rinse and food to my face. Was exhausted!

no watch

Thursday: off

Friday: Intended to go out for a nice, easy 3 miler, and it felt so good I turned it into 5.01! 10:56 average pace. And! Check out the pace times below. That’s one of the most consistent runs I’ve ever had pace wise! Stomach started getting a little sloshy around 4.25 miles. Dynamic warm-up, 10 min foam roll, hip strength 3 x 12 each move, clamshells 3 x 20 each side and bridges 3 x 20.

long run

Saturday: Strength workout. Switched up the order this go round to try to balance out arms and legs a little better. Two rounds for time:

  • 2.5 min jump rope
  • 25 incline push ups
  • 2.5 min jumping jacks
  • 25 squats (alternate 5 regular, 5 plyo)
  • 25 shuttle runs
  • 25 tricep dips
  • 25 burpees

Round 1 – 13 min, 3 min break, Round 2 – 16 min

Sunday: off

Run: 11.18 miles

Overall: A really strong, successful week. Increasing my mileage, and getting back to incorporating strength. Was going to get back to four days of running and get out there today in the misty morning, but my back was a little grumpy after a week of pushing hard so I decided to give it the extra rest day. This was one of my favorite strength workouts I’ve put together for myself, I was sweating buckets at the end. I look forward to coming back to it in a few weeks to see if my times improve and working up to completing three rounds.

Always, Sierra

What inspires your strength routines? I used to love keeping a folder of workouts from magazines and just randomly picking one whenever I felt things were getting stale.

Weekly Workout Recap, 8/12 to 8/18

I knew it was going to be a light week because most of Tuesday and Wednesday were devoted to traveling home from Aruba, so I’m not too upset about all the rest days. It’s been warm in the East Bay, and it’s been kinda nice just to kick back and enjoy it. I did manage to be somewhat productive!

Monday: 60 min Zumba at the Marriott Surf Club in Aruba. So humid! I don’t Zumba often, but I love it when I do. Everyone puts their own unique spin on the dance moves and it makes it so fun!

aruba zumbaTuesday: off (travel)

Wednesday: off (travel)

Thursday: off

Friday: off

Saturday: Run for the Seals 4 mile run! Roughly 11.54 min/mile, lots of inclines. Race Recap on the way. Half-assed dynamic warm-up, 10 min foam roll, hip strength 3 x 12 each move, clamshells 3 x 20 each side and bridges 3 x 20.

Run for the Seals 2013

Sunday: Yoga at home, 60 min

Run: 4 miles

Overall: Vacation-itis got the best of me when I returned from Aruba, but I stuck to some of my goals including: yoga, hip strength, cross-training, and more races so I’m happy with that. Vacationing in humid spots really throws me for a loop! I get into that humid weather and just want to lounge and drink and exert as little effort as possible. Here’s to getting back on track this week!

How do you get back on track after vacation? Do you struggle to work out in humidity or are you a pro at it?

Always, Sierra