I’m back! Have a Lovely Friday!


1. In honor of Bay Area Twerk Team 2013

2. I’ll be making some campfire cones on my next camping trip in a couple weeks. Brilliant!

3. Reading this got me a little misty-eyed.

Come back to me. When I’m old and gray and can barely get out of the chair and the rest of the old codgers in the home won’t let me watch Columbo with them, I want you to bring a good book and we’ll sit and talk and read and laugh, and it will be the best present of all if you just grab my hand again and say, “Fuck those motherfuckers, pop. Let’s go for ice cream.”

4. Just started reading this book, and I’m already hooked. I like the idea of paying mindful attention to my thoughts instead of letting most of them slip by. Plus I think I’d look good in one of those hats :).

5. Looking to be happy, healthy and successful?

6. In love with the print on this swimsuit.

7.  Stephen King did an AMA for Reddit! Here’s a recap. He is one of my favorite authors and always has an interesting perspective to offer on the craft of writing. One of the first horror movies I ever remember being allowed to watch was Graveyard Shift, with the rats and the guy going through the cotton comber thing…so good lol. It’s hard to pick my favorite story of his, but Misery and It and The Stand are the first ones that come to mind. If I ever met him in real life, I would have no words.

8. The American Medical Association has classified obesity as a disease. Thoughts? I’m supportive of anything that will help to create a more open dialogue between doctors and patients. There’s a lot of prejuidice against obesity out there, and anything to fight that is a step in the right direction.

We got back from Cabo on Monday after a long day travelling, and I had such a fabulous time! Can’t wait to share some stories and pics in some upcoming posts. This week has been all about getting back into the swing of things, including a killer speed workout yesterday. Have a great weekend!

Always, Sierra

What’s your favorite Stephen King story?

Would you ever consider competing in a triathalon?

Do you have any go-to camping recipes?