Camping Tip and Confessions

Ever do something for so long you just kind of take it for granted? I was showing my co-worker pictures of my recent camping trip to Tahoe, and he asked, what’s with the tarp under the tent? Let’s discuss!



  • Protects the bottom surface of your tent from any sharp objects missed while throwing back a few welcome to camp beers during tent set up
  • Provides a place outside of the tent to take off shoes, and keeps things inside cleaner (this is my fave pro, anything to reduce the amount of sweeping out the tent I have to do at the end of the trip)
  • Keeps the bottom of the tent dry…although there is debate over whether the tarp should be under the tent, or inside the floor of the tent, or just turned into a slip and slide in case of rain. I vote for the latter.


  • If you’re backpacking, tarps can take up precious poundage. I’d rather use that for important things…like Captain Crunch Berries.
  • Things like this can happen, no bueno:

Now, getting to the good stuff.

Confession #1: I eat the same breakfast every day during the week: whole wheat English Muffin, almond butter, 1% Cottage Cheese, and fruit (usually berries but I’ll settle for bananas or something citrus-y).

20130520_104328 20130520_104410

Do you think I’m boring? Pffh, no worries here. Just looking at it makes my mouth water. It’s got everything I’m looking for: protein, fat, carbs, a serving of fruits/veggies, and lots of antioxidants. So what keeps me coming back?

Almond butter.

Yeah, I know, you’ve heard it all before.

But the stuff is seriously amazing! When I don’t mind dealing with tiny parking lots and sideswiping vans, my fave is made by Berkeley Bowl. I also pick up MaraNatha on occasion. Chunky or creamy, I love it all (that’s what she said).

MaraNathaThe only downside of almond butter is that it can be kind of pricey. We’re on a kick to be smarter with our household grocery expenditures, and I checked the goods out on Amazon.

Mind. Blown. Do you know how many types of almond butter there are? My new mission in life is to try all of them.

Confession #2: Yesterday was my first time knowing National Running Day was a thing. I was hyped up, I was pepped…and then, I did not run. I tried…

treadmill mizuno…but it was not happening. Shoe issues, long day at work issues, motivation issues, tiredness issues, excuses excuses. But! The nice thing about being tired was I couldn’t work up the energy to mind not running. There are 365 days a year and I celebrate running on at least two-thirds of them. I’m doing just fine, thank you very much.

Always, Sierra

Crunchy or Smooth?

Do you tarp when you tent? Do you tarp and no tent?

What’s your breakfast look like? Same thing every day or switch it up? No breakfast?

What’s your favorite brand of almond butter?

400m Repeats Make Me Feel Beautiful

I skipped yesterday’s run because my back’s been cranky. But! I’ve got an appointment with a chiropractor tomorrow, so today I figured if I’m going to screw it up more now’s the time to do it!

5-9 run 2

today’s 400m repeats

I like to do most of my speed work on the treadmill because my sense of pace is basically nonexistent. I know I’m going to have to work on that one of these days, but for right now plugging in the pace I want and focusing only on the quality of running is what I’m all about.

5-9 run 3

About a month ago, I started with 6 x 400m repeats at 6mph, 2.0% incline, and I thought I was going to vomit. I’m not even kidding, in the middle of my 5th and 6th repeats I’d be trying to figure out if I could make it to the garbage can and having anxiety over the idea of puking at work (I’m a lucky duck and have a very small satellite gym just down the stairs from my office).

Fast forward to today, where I cranked out 8 and probably would have pushed for 9 if my back weren’t being funky. That’s what I’m talking about!

I read this blog post yesterday about what it means to feel beautiful, and it’s been on my mind ever since. Instead of having the urge to vomit today, my grin of victory kept getting bigger and bigger with every repeat I completed. A light bulb went on…this is when I feel beautiful. I’m beautiful when I push myself and prove to myself that I am strong and capable and ready for whatever the world sends my way.

It was a great workout, cranky back and all.

Always, Sierra

How do you feel about chiropractors?

Do you ever do speed work on treadmills?

Have you ever vomited at work?