Leaving on a Jet Plane

I’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning for my first all-inclusive, resort-style, swim-up-to-a-bar-and-order-a-margarita vacation and I am beyond excited. Five days of nothing but this? Yes, please!

hello resort

Pictures are back from the See Jane Run 5K, Everyone loves a good before and after, so here ya go.

Me, two years ago, at my first 5K, probably around 20 lbs heavier and way more out of shape.

run in the park

And me this past Saturday, heel-striking galore, with a smile instead of struggling just to finish.

 See Jane Run 5K

See y’all next week when I get back, have a lovely weekend!

Always, Sierra

Got any vacations coming up?

Ever stayed at an all-inclusive resort before?




Race Recap: See Jane Run 5K

If you remember from here, my goal for the See Jane Run 5K this past Saturday was to get under 35 minutes…and I did it! Hello, PR!

Final results: 32:59, 10:37 min/mile

Age group: 73/184

Female: 463/1,573

I dropped by the race expo Friday evening to pick up my race packet.


This was my first race expo and I was eager to check it out. A bit on the smaller side, they still had lots of fun booths to explore. Tri Sports Jewelry and Apparel had some shirts I fell in love with.

20130607_163843 20130607_163944

The motivational quotes See Jane Run had sprinkled around were also a nice touch.

20130607_163615 20130607_164255

I was in and out of the expo pretty quickly and onto other important things…like carb loading!


With a start time of 8:30 a.m., I woke up Saturday around 6 and had plenty of time to nom on a whole wheat english muffin with almond butter and half a banana. I picked up Y around 7:15, and we didn’t have too much of a struggle with street parking even though it was pretty close to start time.

We started warming up just as the half marathoners took off. Thanks to ample porta potties (at the start and finish), we made a trip through the lines relatively quickly, and snapped a pic.


And then it was time to start!

Although the 5K had a start time of 8:30 a.m., they had us line up in waves so we wouldn’t trample each other like wildebeests. The first wave (closest to the start) was anyone under a 9 minute mile, the second wave was a 9-12 minute mile, and the third was a 12+ minute mile. The waves were pretty loosely defined, and I was impressed by how orderly we all were. Each wave started about two minutes apart, and I felt like it helped to reduce stampeding.


I took off with the second wave, and of course I went out too fast. I was excited! And it didn’t feel fast! At first. I managed to slow my roll and rein it in a little after the first mile, but that was mostly due to how hot it was and not so much because I showed self-control. When I finished it was 66°F! I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but I was feeling it.

I picked up the pace with about a half mile to go and pushed hard to the finish line. I’m pretty proud of that and was excited to see that 5Kers got a medal too. My first race medal! It’s tiny but I love it.


I’ve been struggling between being proud of pushing hard to meet my goals, and disappointed that I’m still what I consider slow. It’s easy to get caught up in the comparison game. I would never tell a friend, “Good job finishing, but your time’s not that great compared to the other 72 people ahead of you”, and yet that’s what I’ve been telling myself.

And then thanks to the powers that be, last night I came across the Mental Muscle article in the new Runner’s World.

Runner's World, Mental Muscle

Really, the only person I’m comparing myself to is me. Considering my last 5K time was 42:16, I don’t have a lot to be disappointed about. It took hard work to come this far, and I’m not afraid of the hard work it’ll take to keep improving (and step up my mental game!). I’ve got a hunger to keep chipping away at that pace. Until I get there, I’m celebrating this PR! I earned it!

A quick shout out to Y, who absolutely nailed it and got 5th in her age group! So proud of her!


And also congratulations to A for finishing her first 5K, even if she did get have to battle pink string near the finish line.

Overall, the event was well-organized, and the swag (chocolate and champagne) was delicious. I did think they could have used better signage to point out where the “goody bags” were at the end of the race. They were handing them out in a tucked away corner, and a lot of people were juggling all their swag in their hands cuz they hadn’t seen where the bags were. We didn’t check any of our stuff in the bag check, but I didn’t hear any complaints and the system looked pretty efficient. I’d definitely run a See Jane Run race again, maybe the half marathon next year?!

Always, Sierra

How was your weekend?

How do you keep your head in the game and avoid comparing your performance to others?


Hello June!

Congrats to our good friends, M & Y! They started June off right, with a beautiful wedding ceremony. It included a wedding lazo, which is now one of my favorite traditions.

This cord symbolizes lifetime unity or the everlasting union of the bride and groom when they officially become husband and wife, as well as a symbol of marital protection; while the loops formed signifies their love for one another. –Wikipedia


The ceremony was followed up with a lively reception in V. Sattui‘s barrel room, a venue that I can’t recommend enough. The gardens were lovely, and all of the staff was super courteous and helpful.  I’m so happy to have been a part of M & Y’s celebration of love and commitment to one another, and am wishing them years of happiness to come.


I was also excited to get out of workout gear for once! Is anyone else obsessed with the smell of honeysuckle?


We stayed at SpringHill Suites Napa Valley the night of the reception. The king suite was spacious, and their continental breakfast is amazing…cereal, oatmeal with custom toppings, eggs and potatoes, yogurt, pastries, and on and on.

Like a good runner, I packed all my workout gear (including some new shoes I’ll be reviewing soon!). My plan: wake up early Sunday morning, bust out my usual 5 to 6 mile weekend run on the fancy hotel treadmills, and do some laps.

My reality: a little bit of sleeping in, a little bit of eggs Benedict with a side of Bloody Mary, and a little bit of sunshine.


The past few weeks have been incredibly packed full of life and to-do’s and workouts, so I can’t feel too guilty about having a much-needed weekend off. That being said, I’m also not one to let myself slow down for too long. New month, new goals!

June 2013 Plans & Goals

  • Set a PR in See Jane Run 5K
  • Find a one piece bathing suit so I can start swimming laps again
  • Try to get a little ahead of the game with my blogging content
  • Experiment with 2-3 new recipes (probably some type of vegetable/bean/grain salads) in prep of July camping trip
  • “Break in” my new hiking boots (I’ve taken them out once and they’re so comfy I don’t think they’ll need much breaking in!)
  • Stay active on my girls trip to Mexico
  • Volunteer at the Special Olympics

Let’s get this month started.

Always, Sierra

What are some of your goals for June?

What are some of you favorite wedding traditions?

Do you have any go-to strategies to find ways to stay active on vacations?