There’s a reason they call it fishing…

There’s a reason they call it fishing and not catching! Saturday there was a lot of this…


…but not a lot of this…

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My Mom and Dad have taken us on family fishing trips for as far back as I can remember. Dad loved telling everyone about how I outfished him before I could walk. A minor detail he never included was that he spent the majority of his time making sure I had bait and unsnagging my snags. This was my first trip without him, and I was worried fishing might be “broken” for me. 

Every fisher(wo)man wants to catch the biggest fish in the lake, me included. And, everytime I tell a story about catching something, the fish gets a little bigger and bigger until it really was the biggest fish in the lake.

But, Dad taught me that fishing isn’t always about the catching. Sometimes, it’s just about having a pole in the water, a quiet mind, and good company. This weekend I was fortunate enough to have the best fishing/life buddy I could ask for and a new friend to boot. The minute I had a pole in my hands I felt twenty times better. We were at Shadow Cliffs, a new to me fishing spot, and there were lots of pretty views to enjoy.


It was so hot that the regional park district decided to hover a helicopter over us to get a nice breeze going. They offered to give me a ride but only if I tried on some of their fancy bracelets. I declined.


I soothed my lack of victory over the fishies with a little yoga by the lake.


I was prepping for the deliciousness Mom and I would be eating on Sunday. We celebrated Mother’s Day with a late lunch at Dad’s Kitchen …all I have to say is run, don’t walk. The Hot Blonde and garlic-parmesan fries were delicious and the quality Mom-time I got was even better.

Always, Sierra

Do you have any biggest fish in the lake stories?

Have you ever ridden in a helicopter?

Try any delicious new places for Mother’s Day?