Hello September! Workout Recap, 8/26 to 9/1

Happy Labor Day! Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend, the weather in my part of the world is gorgeous. Thought I’d stop in for a few and chat about my runs this week.

Monday: off

Tuesday: 3.01 mile progression run, 10:30 avg pace, and my first mile under 10 minutes! Dynamic warm-up, 10 min foam roll, hip strength 3 x 12 each move, clamshells 3 x 20 each side and bridges 3 x 20.

running milestone

Wednesday: off

Thursday: off

Friday: Starting a tradition of long run Friday. 5.71 miles at 11:43 avg pace, up from last week. Was shooting for 6 miles even, but the heat started getting to me after four miles and I turned around early. I need to get smart about fueling if I’m going to keep increasing mileage. Dynamic warm-up, 10 min foam roll. Hip/glute strength fail, was in desperate need of sustenance.


long run Friday

Saturday: Does hours of walking around Great America with short bursts of high intensity roller coaster rides count as cross-training? I was so disappointed to find they renamed Top Gun to Flight Deck!

Girls Day at Great America

Sunday: 2.50 miles, 11.22 avg pace. A few short, steep inclines, and two longer, gradual inclines.  Dynamic warm-up, 10 min foam roll. 

Run: 11.22 miles

Overall: Work got the better of cross-training (and blogging!) this week. I fit in three quality runs, and had a major running milestone…my first 9:xx mile! Never mind that I was this close to heaving when I finished lol. I’m calling this week a win, and looking to add another day of running next week.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Always, Sierra

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