Getting a long run in to do St Honore’s feast day justice!

Yesterday started with a long (for me) run. And, because I’m crazy, I thought I’d throw some hill work in too.

long run elevation Next time I’ll have to blur out the elevation chart to make my molehill look more like a mountain! That middle peak part is where things get tough….almost a full mile of short, steep hill climbs that leave my glutes feeling worked.

The last time I did roughly the same route, I came home, ate two breakfasts (scrambled eggs and then pancakes because I was still feeling low energy/shaky), and took a three hour nap. I still had an awesome recovery breakfast this time around…

20130519_105301 …but there was no napping allowed! Just a lot more eating :). Our good friends had a one year wedding anniversary picnic celebration (time flies!). In case you were wondering, red wine and fried chicken make a delicious combination.

Then we were off to an annual dessert party. Yes, dessert party. Every year, a friend of ours who is a pastry chef throws a party to honor the patron saint of bakers, St Honoré . His feast day is May 16th, which just happens to be my birthday. Not only do I get a nifty birthday cake, I also conveniently get to consume a smorgasbord of delightful sweet treats. Thanks, St Honoré.

st honore {source}

This morning was all about a quick easy recovery run. Laps around a track sound mind-boggling boring to me, but give me scenery like this and I’ll do laps all day.


Can I pretend we have nothing to talk about for a moment and discuss today’s weather? I started my run at 8:40am and the temperature was already mid-sixties!

warm morning






It feels like just yesterday I’d be running around 8 or 8:30am and still getting mid-40s in the mornings. I love summer, but I definitely have minimal warm weather running skills or coping mechanisms. Any recommendations? Lots of water? Electrolytes galore?

With my run for the day out of the way, I’m off to enjoy the sunshine!

Always, Sierra