Motivation Monday: Miracle on Ice

This weekend I caught the 2004 Disney film, Miracle, and pretty much loved it. Sure, it’s a cheesy Disney film where the underdog comes out on top, but it actually went down like that in real life, and I love when life gets cheesy. Have you seen it?


The movie’s about the hockey showdown between the USA and Russian teams in the 1980 Olympics at Lake Placid. Team Russia had consistently won world and National championships since the mid-1950’s. Nobody expected that to change, especially after Russia trounced USA in the exhibition game, 10-3. USA went into the Olympics as a serious underdog, and the rivalry was only increased by the long Cold War.

But one man thought it could be different. Herb Brooks.


What Herb recognized was that Team USA couldn’t win the games playing the same way it had always played. To change the outcome, it’s necessary to change your approach. And that meant he had to find a new style of coaching Team USA.


So that’s what he did. He taught his team a style of play that incorporated European techniques. His focus was on building stamina and physicality so they could go hockey stick to hockey stick with the highly physical Team Russia. He was confrontational, constantly goading them into doing more, being more, giving more. And, maybe most importantly, he formed them into one cohesive team, Team USA. 


The game came down to the last five seconds, and the announcer, Al Michaels, asked the crowd, “Do you believe in miracles?!” Herb Brooks believed in miracles, and he ensured his team put in the work and dedication to make it possible.


Herb Brooks died before he was able to see the movie completed. The dedication at the end of the film is, “He never saw it. He lived it.”

Live your miracle.

Always, Sierra



Running Ramblings

The early bird catches the worm! Er…trash…

Seagull Alameda

I managed to get yesterday’s run in before the sun turned into a fiery ball of death. Without sweat dripping into my eyes, I could enjoy the views.

20130701_082023 20130701_082033 20130701_084853

It was still warm though, and I spent most of the late afternoon/evening looking like this guy.


Any big plans for the Fourth? Mine involves the two B’s: beer and BBQ :). I couldn’t find any Fourth of July runs where I’ll be, but here are a few local ones if you’ve got the last-minute itch.

Alameda Mayor’s July 4th Parade R.A.C.E.


{race info – Orinda, CA}

Folsom Firecracker

{race info – Folsom, CA}

Thinking about setting off illegal fireworks? Make sure you can outrun the Police Chief first!

run crime

{Race Info – Roseville, CA}

Also, I know it’s weeks overdue (procrastinate much?!), but I had the chance to catch Spirit of the Marathon II when it premiered. I loved it! It didn’t make me tear up like the first one did, but all of the athlete’s (amateur and elite) had stories that were relatable and drew me in. The two Domenico’s and Vasyl Matviychuk are all incredibly funny, and Ylenia Anelli’s energy was contagious. Here are some of the memorable quotes I jotted down:

“I felt like i was somebody.” Domenico after his first marathon & Rome Marathon

“Work, family and running. It’s a matter of the principles in life.”

“Doesn’t matter how many hours [you finish in], everyone has the same emotion.”

“When I’m out running this is my time – not worrying about the future and not worrying about anything in the past.” Cliff

“You simply have to keep moving forward.” It sounds so easy!!

“The marathon originally was and always will be an extraordinary journey.”

“What I’d like to say to everybody listening, to the older people…run, run.” Domenico I think

 I walked out of the theater feeling inspired, two hours well spent!

Always, Sierra 

What would be your dream marathon location?

What are you doing for the Fourth? Any fun runs?

Are you a morning runner or an evening runner?