Runs that end with sunsets are the best

I set out for my run yesterday in time to bask in the last bit of warm(ish) rays of sun.

sunset on the coast of the bay

The moon had already peaked over the horizon and I felt like I was on that Star Wars planet with the weird moons, or weird suns, or whichever it was. It was Star Wars that had that, right?


This is the extra week that I added to my half-marathon training plan, and my first stepback week. Ironically, I pushed harder in this run than I have in recent runs. I think calling it a stepback week takes the pressure off, ya know? It’s not a “real” week of training so no need to play it conservative to make sure I don’t fail or miss runs the rest of the week.

Hello, progression run.

progression 3 miler

After I put in my three miles, I was rewarded with this.


It had been a long day and the adrenaline of work had carried me through my run, just one more thing to cross of the list. ¬†It’s so easy for me to get caught up in and carried along by “busyness”.

But who could call this a sunset to be crossed off a list? So, instead I made a deliberate choice to be in the moment and to reflect on being grateful. Grateful to be running in this place, on this day, at this moment.

Always, Sierra

What are you grateful for?

Are you a Star Wars fan? Excited about the new installments to come? Pro Disney? Anti Disney?