There’s a reason they call it fishing…

There’s a reason they call it fishing and not catching! Saturday there was a lot of this…


…but not a lot of this…

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My Mom and Dad have taken us on family fishing trips for as far back as I can remember. Dad loved telling everyone about how I outfished him before I could walk. A minor detail he never included was that he spent the majority of his time making sure I had bait and unsnagging my snags. This was my first trip without him, and I was worried fishing might be “broken” for me. 

Every fisher(wo)man wants to catch the biggest fish in the lake, me included. And, everytime I tell a story about catching something, the fish gets a little bigger and bigger until it really was the biggest fish in the lake.

But, Dad taught me that fishing isn’t always about the catching. Sometimes, it’s just about having a pole in the water, a quiet mind, and good company. This weekend I was fortunate enough to have the best fishing/life buddy I could ask for and a new friend to boot. The minute I had a pole in my hands I felt twenty times better. We were at Shadow Cliffs, a new to me fishing spot, and there were lots of pretty views to enjoy.


It was so hot that the regional park district decided to hover a helicopter over us to get a nice breeze going. They offered to give me a ride but only if I tried on some of their fancy bracelets. I declined.


I soothed my lack of victory over the fishies with a little yoga by the lake.


I was prepping for the deliciousness Mom and I would be eating on Sunday. We celebrated Mother’s Day with a late lunch at Dad’s Kitchen …all I have to say is run, don’t walk. The Hot Blonde and garlic-parmesan fries were delicious and the quality Mom-time I got was even better.

Always, Sierra

Do you have any biggest fish in the lake stories?

Have you ever ridden in a helicopter?

Try any delicious new places for Mother’s Day?

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my Dad’s birthday, he would have been 67. It’s his first birthday since he’s passed.


The blog world is all about presenting the sunny side of life, but life is about the hard, messy stuff too. The kinda stuff that makes you want to stay in bed, makes the work day pass in a fog, makes you grateful to come home to your family or friends and a glass of wine.


Throughout this grieving process, one thing has been a constant comfort. My dad never went a day not knowing if I loved him. I told him and showed him in a million different ways over 28 years of my life, and I am so grateful for that.


As I got older, I realized sometimes our parents need more. Sometimes they just want to be understood and accepted, the same way us kids just wanted to be understood and accepted when we were teenagers.

My dad constantly told me how grateful he was that I “got him”. It is incredibly powerful to know that in the good times and bad, I gave him comfort just by expressing my love and acceptance, not only for who he was as a father, but who he was as a person.


Today is your day. Tell someone you love them for exactly who they are, that you wouldn’t change a thing about them. Give them the comfort of love and acceptance that only you can provide. Ease their troubles, and brighten their day.

I love you, Dad. Happy Birthday.

Always, Sierra