Have a Lovely Friday!

Alameda County Fair

1. Meet the latest Biggest Loser contestant, but you might already recognize him from American Idol!

2. Have you heard of the organization Back on my Feet? I wish there were chapters on the West Coast so I could get involved. If anyone knows of anything similar out here, let me know.

3. This list of common misconceptions is fascinating, and excellent preparation for trivia night.

4. Lots of fun stuff is happening in the Bay this weekend. There’s the Fillmore Jazz Festival, free fishing day in SF, and the 10th annual Temescal Street Fair if you’re hanging out in the East Bay.

5. Usain Bolt’s secret weapon: balance. And don’t forget posture.

6. Seriously intrigued by plum quinoa cakes. I’m thinking this qualifies towards one of my July goals!

7. I’m loving the geometry of this bikini top.

8. I’ve had the urge to create a new gallery wall and Dean Crouser’s Etsy shop is full of inspiration.

9. How to find your passion in life.


10. Every time I walk in Whole Foods I want to buy all the things. Our last visit, I managed to limit myself to one new treat, and I really know how to pick em. Have you tried this popcorn? Freaking. Amazing.


Hope you had a great Fourth of July and that you’re lucky enough to have today off too!

Always, Sierra

Do you have a Whole Foods near you? Any favorite you treats you’ve discovered there?

Are you a fan of Biggest Loser? Who’s your favorite trainer?

Do you shop on Etsy for artwork?


  1. Not Rated really knows what they’re doing with those woven flats. I already have these, and I’m so tempted to buy these ones too.
  2. Usain Bolt gives the low down on his technique.
  3. Are you a knowledge seeker?
  4. Thanks to this blog post, I want to buy every racer tank in this etsy shop.
  5. I tried these tasty treats last weekend, and I’m about to perfect my carb loading.
  6. Got weak hips? I do, and I’ll be working on it.
  7. I cannot wait for the eye candy this film is going to be full of.
  8. I’ve always wanted to be a super sleuth.
  9. “For many years I was a writer who didn’t write that regularly. It was always on the back of my mind to write, but I didn’t find the time.” Inspiration to get started!
  10. This Dad is pretty awesome for sewing his daughter a custom prom dress.
 Enjoy your weekend!
Always, Sierra