A lesson I keep learning over and over again

Went for a run today and I killed it! No Garmin so no temptation to check my watch every few minutes to see how far I had left or what pace I was maintaining. Just cloudy, drizzly weather and fresh legs to keep me going.

always sierra end of run

That’s what sweaty happiness looks like!

I’ve been facing the motivation blues lately. A physically challenging run is hard enough; but when my mind gets in the way even “easy” runs feel impossible. When this happens, my instinct is to power through the run. (Actually, that’s pretty much my instinct in life too!) Thing is, I can only keep that up for 26.2 miles five minutes before that whole pesky need to breathe thing hits.

Of course, stopping to breathe just opens up an endless loop of failure. (That’s right, failure…forget that whole grateful to be alive business!) Not only am I stuck in a crappy run but I can’t even get through to the end because I can’t run for more than five minutes without having to stop! The endless cycle of can’t can’t can’t starts and I’m doomed!

Eventually, one run later or five runs later, my mind steps out of the way and I shake off the blahs. I remember that a bad run is not the end of the world. That the sun will still rise regardless if I hit 3 miles or 6. That my dog and cat will only judge me if I forget to feed them and not because I can’t hit a 10 minute mile every.single.mile.every.single.run. every.single.day.

Yes, it’s true, I once again come to terms with the fact that I am not a professional athlete whose livelihood depends on running. Hard to believe, right?

My legs take over, business as usual, and I get lost in the rhythm. Faster doesn’t matter, harder doesn’t matter, longer doesn’t matter. The rhythm matters. And once more I find the fun.

Today I found the fun, and it was glorious.

Pillsbury Red Velvet Cookies

I also found these cookies – so delicious hot from the oven! And they’re not just cookies…they’re BIG cookies! 

If you’re having a rough run, having a rough day, having a rough week, it’s okay. Let yourself have it, re-focus, and know that you’ll find your rhythm again.

Always, Sierra

P.S. Can’t front –  I totally used my phone to track my run because I’m addicted like that, but I didn’t check for number’s once while I was running. 3.04 miles in 30.24 minutes…whaaaaaaat! (Did this post just lose all validity?!)

P.P.S. This is my 100th post! Crazy, right?! A shout out to my readers…you deserve more consistent posting and we both deserve to win the lottery…let’s see how that goes shall we?

Check out how it all started, and looking forward to the next hundred!


Have a Lovely Saturday!

lovely Saturday


I was so busy sharing my incredible life wisdom going on and on about myself yesterday, I missed our regularly scheduled programming!

1. Sometimes, we come across an article or a blog post at the exact moment we need it.

“I’ve come to a realization over the years: I am not the only person who has made this choice. I discovered these common, self imposed restrictions are rather insidious, though they start out simple enough. We begin by worrying we aren’t good enough, smart enough or talented enough to get what we want, then we voluntarily live in this paralyzing mental framework, rather than confront our own role in this paralysis. Just the possibility of failing turns into a dutiful self-fulfilling prophecy. We begin to be believe that these personal restrictions are in fact, the fixed limitations of the world. We go on to live our lives, all the while wondering what we can change and how we change it, and we calculate and re-calculate when we will be ready to do the things we want to do. And we dram. If only. If only. One day. Some day.” Debbie Millman

2. One of my besties gifted me a three-month subscription to Whimseybox. I. Am. So. Excited.

3. I made these chocolate chip cookies last week…so rich but so delicious. Be grateful the recipe only makes 20 cookies.

4. Love to write? Love to read? Love to spin a yarn or two? Check this event out.

5. I’m 5’2″ and it’s difficult for me to find a maxi dress that doesn’t drag on the floor, but I’m so envious of the easy breezy cuteness of them. I impulse bought this one, but am trying to decide how I feel about the sheer skirt.

6. I loved Spirit of the Marathon (not gonna lie, tears were shed), and I’m so excited they’re coming out with a sequel. I will be attending!

7. Turning colorful interviews into catchy tunes is so trendy, but it gets me everytime!

8. Here are some tips to quickly satisfy the hunger monster after a tough evening workout.

9. REI’s having their anniversary sale if you’re looking to score some new outdoor gear.

10. Tis the season for wedges, and I’m digging the two-tone neutral look. Love these and these.

I’m out exploring a new to me location, can’t wait to share next week! Enjoy your weekend!

Always, Sierra