Weekly Workout Recap, 8/5 to 8/11

I tuned this week down a bit, I think higher mileage plus new shoes have been making some of my joints twingey.

Monday: 35 min swim, 5 sets of 5 x 25 meters.

swim selfie

Pre-swim selfie! 1. I get my swim on in a Target one piece, 2. I have to wear my glasses until the last possible minute because I’m blind, 3. swim caps are for professionals

Tuesday: 4.25 miles, half trail half street, 11:47 average pace. I did some informal hill work. Dynamic warm-up, 10 min foam roll, hip strength 3 x 12 each move, clamshells 3 x 20 each side and bridges 3 x 20.

Tuesday elevation

Wednesday: off

Thursday: Yoga Zone Yoga for a Strong and Healthy Back Part 1: 18 minutes, Yoga Zone Evening Stress Relief Part 2: 21 mins. Hip strength 3 x 12 each move, 3 x 20 bridges.

Friday: Two miles on the treadmill

Saturday: Off

Sunday: Hopefully a 6-8 mile run to the California lighthouse in Aruba! OMG, that humdity got the best of me. I did get an hour of snorkeling and a half hour of rope swinging off a catamaran in! My body definitely felt like it got a good workout in on Monday.

Run: 6.25 miles

Swim: 35 mins, 1 day

Overall:  I focused less on mileage/intensity this week, and more on incorporating some healthy habits like yoga and hip/glute/hamstring strength work. I met my goal of getting a yoga day in and of increasing mileage of one of my runs even it was only a bit. This is the first week in a long time that I’ve ran on the treadmill, and it wasn’t horrible but I did miss my birdwatching.

How was your week?

Always, Sierra

Weekly Workout Recap, 7/29 to 8/4

It was a fantastic (and busy) week and I clearly didn’t get any posts up. Did ya miss me? A work project required evening prep time Monday and Tuesday (and all the prep paid off!).  Then, the Mr. came home on Wednesday after travelling for a week and a half, and we had a date night at one of our favorite spots. I was so excited to see him, it felt like we were back on our second date and newly giddy with liking each other. Even though I slacked on posting, I did keep my workouts a priority. Constantly reminding myself, consistency is key!

Monday: off

Tuesday: 30 min swim, 4 sets of 5 x 25 meters

Wednesday: 3.65 miles, street, side cramp most of the time, 11:24 average pace; dynamic warm-up (new shoes)

American White PelicanI love bird-watching while running, these American White pelicans stopped me in my tracks

Thursday: Off to attend After Dark at the Exploratorium with some good friends.

Friday: 4.01 miles, street, 11:37 average pace, dynamic warm-up, 10 min foam roll, hip flexor and hamstring stretches (new shoes)

Saturday: A day of high-rep, low-weight arm curls while moving food from my plate to my mouth. Girls picnic in the a.m. and a friend’s 30th birthday potluck in the evening.

Sunday: 3.01 miles, street, 11:06 average pace, dynamic warm-up, 10 min foam roll, hip flexor and hamstring stretches (old shoes)

Sunday Morning Run

Run:  10.67 miles, 3 days

Swim: 30 mins, 1 day

Overall:  All the cross-training I’ve been doing got sacrificed as soon as things got busy. Running is my priority, and it’s super easy to see that. I’m just glad I held onto the time I carved out for it. Since I’ve been focusing on consistency, my pace has definitely been slowly improving. I cut swimming short on Tuesday because my mind was not in the game. Instead of focusing on my form and breathing, all I could focus on was my work project, and I spent my time flailing around non-productively. I missed barrelates this Saturday. Some girlfriends and I had a beach day planned, but unfortunately one of them was in a car accident Friday night. She’s okay, but was obviously shaken up so we had an impromptu picnic instead with lots of tasty deliciousness, including this pasta salad that I whipped up. This next week I’m going to increase the distance of one of my weekly runs, and make yoga happen just once.

How was your week?

Always, Sierra