Our First Christmas in the New Spot

Merry Christmas! Better late than never, right?! How were your celebrations?

Shortly after Thanksgiving, the Mr. and I moved into a new spot. The first couple weeks of December felt like a never-ending cycle of packing, unpacking, cleaning, fixing, sleeping and pancaking. Pancakes were the only thing that got me through!


Our new place has more space, more wood floors, and more quiet. So much quiet that the first night I couldn’t sleep. It’s pretty amazing to not hear sirens/BART/crazy neighbors 24/7.

It also has more ghost…child-sized ghost.

ghost hand

A better living situation wasn’t the only thing we gifted ourselves this holiday season…meet the newest member of our family!


He’s going by kitteh for the moment, and he is full of kooky affection. The Mr. brought him home for the ASPCA about a week ago, and after a day or two of getting used to his surroundings he’s settled right in.


With all the changes going on, Christmas snuck up on me. I didn’t get the decorations and tree up until the weekend before, but they came together nicely.

Christmas Decorations

Once the decorations were up and Mom was in town, Christmas snowballed and took on a life of its own! There were gifts to be opened…

emergency underwear, keyboard, matching camo hats

…and dinner to be eated!

Christmas Pot Roast

We went non-traditional-ish with dinner this year, considering the amount of advanced prep I was able to do was non-existent, but it still came out pretty awesome. My first pot roast, green beans and bacon, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and the Mr.’s tasty gravy…(ha, that didn’t sound dirty at all).

Mom and I went for an after Christmas morning stroll to work off some of the deliciousness, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

me & mom

Running slipped on my list of priorities during the madness of the month, but my final gift to myself this Christmas is an entry to my first half marathon! Training started Monday, details to come. Another feature of my new neighborhood? Hills galore!

hills galore

Hope y’all had a great Christmas!

Always, Sierra

Any suggestions for cat names?

What was your first half marathon?