Weekend Reading: Have a Lovely Saturday!




If you live in California and outdoorsy, you probably already know that ticks transmit Lyme disease. Here’s another reason to avoid them…it’s recently been discovered that they also transmit the newly discovered Heartland virus.

How healthy are you? Maybe not as healthy as you think.

How do you handle stress? A recent study suggests that people default to ingrained habits in stressful situations.The good news is, that includes healthy habits. Been meaning to start meditating regularly? Get started now to keep it up the next time life gets hectic.

There’s evidence that America’s average bra size has increased from a 34B to a 34DD. My ta-ta’s are stuck in the olden days.

Heather at Through Heather’s Looking Glass wrote a letter to her former self, and I swear it could have been a letter to my former self too. Except I’m still working up to the long distance part lol.

Dorothy at Mile Posts has a great reminder up this week to get out of our running comfort zone, something I occasionally struggle with.

Social Psychology

Have you ever experienced microaggression in the workplace? This article is fascinating.

I wish I had come across this article about partying hard in my early 20s. I can still appreciate it now, especially this part: “Think you’re more confident after downing a cosmo? That confidence has to come from somewhere, and I guarantee you, it doesn’t hide in a cocktail shaker. Find an authentic, wholesome way to experiment with your inner confidence, sans booze. You don’t have to move mountains; think small.”

Hoping you’ll get a flash of genius to spur your creativity? It doesn’t really work that way.


Garlic soup with Mushrooms and Chive Oil? Yes, please!

I am addicted to delicious pictures of food, which makes this article about 15 foodie Instagram accounts especially handy.

Who knew baby oysters were so tiny and cute? Turns out oyster farming is a lot like making wine.

Meaty saucy goodness for your next brunch.


I love fancy kitchen floors, especially when they’re hand-painted. And while we’re at it, I love fancy kitchen walls too.

There’s still time to shop for deals in Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. I’m digging this Michael Kors watch. While we’re talking accessories, I’ll also take this cross-body bag and these boots in black.


A new version of Monopoly has stirred up all kinds of emotions in loyal Monopoly players. Call me crazy, but buying brands instead of real estate is just a little too much product placement. Is it more concerning that kids these days don’t have the attention span to play the original Monopoly or that the only way to sell a board game is to make it a marketing tool?

Speaking of branding, are you working on building yours? Preorder Alice E. Marwick’s Status Update: Celebrity, Publicity, and Branding in the Social Media Age for a little food for thought.

This story about a smiling, dancing man encountered on a lonely walk at night is super creepy. Almost as creepy as this YouTube reenactment.

Are you a city person or a country person? You might be surprised by which has the higher risk of death from injury or accidents.

Into reading? I am definitely a bookworm and proud of it.

I hope you’re weekend’s going well!

Always, Sierra

Always, Sierra

Have a Lovely Friday!


Sigourney Weaver is undeniably awesome, especially when she holds puppies and makes crazy faces to support ASPCA.

OMG, love this running comic at The Oatmeal. I will never think of crunches or tanning beds the same way. Thanks to Runblogger for steering us all in the right direction.

PBS takes a shot at reality TV, and they do it so well. “If you sass me in this house, you get sent to the shade.” Lols.

I’ve been on a cereal kick lately, and Serious Eats must be reading my mind. Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream, I’m coming for you!

13 new ways to consume a Bloody Mary? Don’t mind if I do.

The single pigeon is one yoga stretches I enjoy the most, here’s a great how-to video for it and two other hip-opening moves. Wondering why tight hip flexors are a problem? Check this out.

I am really digging this portrait of Charles Darwin by Joanna Barnum.


May you’re weekend be full of fun and relaxation!

Always, Sierra

Have a Lovely Friday!

Alameda County Fair

1. Meet the latest Biggest Loser contestant, but you might already recognize him from American Idol!

2. Have you heard of the organization Back on my Feet? I wish there were chapters on the West Coast so I could get involved. If anyone knows of anything similar out here, let me know.

3. This list of common misconceptions is fascinating, and excellent preparation for trivia night.

4. Lots of fun stuff is happening in the Bay this weekend. There’s the Fillmore Jazz Festival, free fishing day in SF, and the 10th annual Temescal Street Fair if you’re hanging out in the East Bay.

5. Usain Bolt’s secret weapon: balance. And don’t forget posture.

6. Seriously intrigued by plum quinoa cakes. I’m thinking this qualifies towards one of my July goals!

7. I’m loving the geometry of this bikini top.

8. I’ve had the urge to create a new gallery wall and Dean Crouser’s Etsy shop is full of inspiration.

9. How to find your passion in life.


10. Every time I walk in Whole Foods I want to buy all the things. Our last visit, I managed to limit myself to one new treat, and I really know how to pick em. Have you tried this popcorn? Freaking. Amazing.


Hope you had a great Fourth of July and that you’re lucky enough to have today off too!

Always, Sierra

Do you have a Whole Foods near you? Any favorite you treats you’ve discovered there?

Are you a fan of Biggest Loser? Who’s your favorite trainer?

Do you shop on Etsy for artwork?

Have a Lovely Friday!


1. I haven’t tried CrossFit yet, but this Reebok tee is almost motivation enough. I’ll take this and this too.

2. Don’t try to hide it, you know you’ve scared yourself once or twice.

3. The evolution of happiness.

4. Registration is open for Let’s Go 510 – The East Bay 10K. Who’s in?

5. Love is love!

6. A newly discovered beer…so good!

7. Are you a time or distance runner? I usually run for distance, I think being able to track just how many miles I’m pounding out adds to the sense of accomplishment.

8. Life to the Full, a new to me blog that I’m digging. Do you read it?

9. I’ll be camping for Fourth of July weekend, and I guarantee you I will have stories about how amazing these turn out to be. I also plan on making some hobo packs, does anyone have any combinations they recommend trying?

10. I’ll also be ordering Cards Against Humanity for the camping trip. Ever played? It’s an adult version of Apples to Apples, and it’ll change your life.

11. Remember a while back I confessed my love for Extreme Weight Loss? This week’s episode was so good! Ryan’s story will have you hooked in the first few minutes, and he gets extra love in my book for being a Packer’s fan.

So I still haven’t made a change from Google Reader, and I’m quickly running out of time. I was kind of hoping that the general outcry would persuade Google it was worth keeping, but I guess it’s time to make the switch. Bloglovin’? Feedly? I’ve heard great things about both. Anyone know how the Android apps are for both?

Always, Sierra

What are your plans for the weekend?

Any one else camping for Fourth of July? Running a race? BBQ’ing up a storm?

I’m back! Have a Lovely Friday!


1. In honor of Bay Area Twerk Team 2013

2. I’ll be making some campfire cones on my next camping trip in a couple weeks. Brilliant!

3. Reading this got me a little misty-eyed.

Come back to me. When I’m old and gray and can barely get out of the chair and the rest of the old codgers in the home won’t let me watch Columbo with them, I want you to bring a good book and we’ll sit and talk and read and laugh, and it will be the best present of all if you just grab my hand again and say, “Fuck those motherfuckers, pop. Let’s go for ice cream.”

4. Just started reading this book, and I’m already hooked. I like the idea of paying mindful attention to my thoughts instead of letting most of them slip by. Plus I think I’d look good in one of those hats :).

5. Looking to be happy, healthy and successful?

6. In love with the print on this swimsuit.

7.  Stephen King did an AMA for Reddit! Here’s a recap. He is one of my favorite authors and always has an interesting perspective to offer on the craft of writing. One of the first horror movies I ever remember being allowed to watch was Graveyard Shift, with the rats and the guy going through the cotton comber thing…so good lol. It’s hard to pick my favorite story of his, but Misery and It and The Stand are the first ones that come to mind. If I ever met him in real life, I would have no words.

8. The American Medical Association has classified obesity as a disease. Thoughts? I’m supportive of anything that will help to create a more open dialogue between doctors and patients. There’s a lot of prejuidice against obesity out there, and anything to fight that is a step in the right direction.

We got back from Cabo on Monday after a long day travelling, and I had such a fabulous time! Can’t wait to share some stories and pics in some upcoming posts. This week has been all about getting back into the swing of things, including a killer speed workout yesterday. Have a great weekend!

Always, Sierra

What’s your favorite Stephen King story?

Would you ever consider competing in a triathalon?

Do you have any go-to camping recipes?