Workout Recap: Half Marathon Training Week 3, 1/6 – 1/12

A day late and a dollar short! Well, several dollars short since I don’t get paid for all this :).

I went to write this post Saturday only to find that my laptop refused to turn on. There had been no blue screens of impending doom, no warning signals. Just a laptop that was dead to the world. I checked to make sure the cord was plugged in, pushed the power button again and again…nada. I stuck it back on the shelf just knowing the battery had gone kaput and that the Mr. would have to work his magic when he got back into town.

Well, he worked his magic this morning all right. Turns out his magic involves making sure that the cord’s not just plugged in but plugged ALL THE WAY in. D’oh. Stupid technologies.

Monday: Stretch + strength

Tuesday: 2.96 miles, 11.14 min/mile average, with 4 x 400 repeats. Clearly I could work on consistency with these repeats! I also think I’m getting out of the gate a bit fast.

First – 0.26 mi in 2:15.3, 8:41 pace

Second – 0.24 mile in 2.07.5, 9:01 pace

Third – 0.25 mile in 2.19.2, 9:15 pace

Fourth – 0.25 mile in 2.09.3, 8:31 pace

Wednesday: lazy rest

Thursday: 2.21 miles, 12.21 min/mile, hills. I had plans Thursday evening to check out Amaluna with the girls, and it was so tempting to skip this run. Work ran late, I wanted to eat a healthy meal at home before I left, I had to factor in time for BART, if I ran I’d have to blow dry my hair, etc. But I resisted all the excuses and just got done with I could do. It wasn’t the three miles I had planned, but it was better than zero miles.

Also Amaluna was great! One of the dancers had the most amazing back and I had some major back envy going on. There was also a sudden urge to take trapeze classes then run away and join the circus. Who’s coming with me?


Friday: 4.10 miles on the treadmill, 12:00 min/mile. Strength.

Saturday: 6 miles, 12.06 min/mile. A long run on a nice overcast morning. We were supposed to get some much-needed rain, but it drizzled for all of two seconds. I was disappointed.

Bay Trail

Sunday: Rest…took a quick road trip to hang with my brother for the day! We had a great time. Between you and me, he is one of my favorite people in the world, maybe even the universe.


I was beat by the time I got home (8 hours on the road will do that to ya!), but I pushed through and did some food prep for the first part of the week. It paid off when I sat down to lunch today.

meal prep

Running Miles: 15.27

Here’s to another week of good company, good workouts, and yummy food!

Always, Sierra

Our First Christmas in the New Spot

Merry Christmas! Better late than never, right?! How were your celebrations?

Shortly after Thanksgiving, the Mr. and I moved into a new spot. The first couple weeks of December felt like a never-ending cycle of packing, unpacking, cleaning, fixing, sleeping and pancaking. Pancakes were the only thing that got me through!


Our new place has more space, more wood floors, and more quiet. So much quiet that the first night I couldn’t sleep. It’s pretty amazing to not hear sirens/BART/crazy neighbors 24/7.

It also has more ghost…child-sized ghost.

ghost hand

A better living situation wasn’t the only thing we gifted ourselves this holiday season…meet the newest member of our family!


He’s going by kitteh for the moment, and he is full of kooky affection. The Mr. brought him home for the ASPCA about a week ago, and after a day or two of getting used to his surroundings he’s settled right in.


With all the changes going on, Christmas snuck up on me. I didn’t get the decorations and tree up until the weekend before, but they came together nicely.

Christmas Decorations

Once the decorations were up and Mom was in town, Christmas snowballed and took on a life of its own! There were gifts to be opened…

emergency underwear, keyboard, matching camo hats

…and dinner to be eated!

Christmas Pot Roast

We went non-traditional-ish with dinner this year, considering the amount of advanced prep I was able to do was non-existent, but it still came out pretty awesome. My first pot roast, green beans and bacon, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and the Mr.’s tasty gravy…(ha, that didn’t sound dirty at all).

Mom and I went for an after Christmas morning stroll to work off some of the deliciousness, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

me & mom

Running slipped on my list of priorities during the madness of the month, but my final gift to myself this Christmas is an entry to my first half marathon! Training started Monday, details to come. Another feature of my new neighborhood? Hills galore!

hills galore

Hope y’all had a great Christmas!

Always, Sierra

Any suggestions for cat names?

What was your first half marathon?


Run to Feed the Hungry: 20th Anniversary

I started Thanksgiving off this year with my first ever Turkey Trot, the Run to Feed the Hungry race in Sacramento. This year was the race’s 20th anniversary, and there were over 28,000 runners! Crazy big, at least to me!

The Mr. and I got into town just before 8am Thanksgiving morning. I was aiming to run the 10K, but the start time was 8:35 and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make it. We dropped our stuff at Mom’s house, and then the Mr. and I headed out on a mission to get me as close to the start as possible. About a mile and a half away, we hit stop and go traffic. I ended up bailing from the car around 8:20 and considered the mile-ish jog to the start my “warm-up”. I made it just in the nick of time.

Run to Feed the Hungry

My favorite part of the course was the first third along J street, going through the Fab 40s neighborhood. There were lots of spectators out who had houses along the course, and I got a kick thinking about how it was as much of a tradition to watch the race for some families as it was to participate.

We passed Mercy General about a mile and a half into the course, and my thoughts were full of my Dad, who spent a lot of time before passing in those halls. This was our second Thanksgiving without him, and our first Thanksgiving without making him his own lemon meringue pie.


Lots of people had awesome turkey hats on, but these people definitely won first place in terms of costume creativity.


There were three people in that thing, and they were giving off some pretty righteous turkey calls!

3.75 miles into the race and I was ready for some diversions. I happened to stumble across the most awesome spectators ever, running a mimosa aid station. In case there was any doubt, the best fuel for a Thanksgiving morning race is champagne + orange juice. To the spectators who spent their time and energy handing out mimosas, you guys rock! Seriously made my morning.

Run to Feed the Hungry mimosas

That mimosa upped my energy level like no other and the next couple miles were all about taking in the sights, enjoying the music and giving thanks.

Run to Feed the Hungry  band

Even though this was only a 10K, I figured Thanksgiving was the perfect time to dedicate every mile and give thanks and remembrance to the people in my life. Here’s how my miles went:

  • Pre-jog run to the start: Grateful for legs that get me where I want to go when I need to be there.
  • Mile 1: Grateful to the Mr. for being the best support crew today and everyday
  • Mile 2: In remembrance of my Dad
  • Mile 3: Looking forward to going home to cook with my Mom, and remembering when it used to be cooking with my Grandma
  • Mile 4: Appreciating my family that I would be with later and the ones that are farther away, and my Aunt and Uncle for always hosting Thanksgiving at their house
  • Mile 5: Grateful for the friends who have become family over the years, my brothers from another mother and sisters from another mister
  • Mile 6: Thinking about seeing my brother on Sunday, and to our round two feasting that we will have
  • Mile 0.2: The shortest distance for the smallest creature…my sweet little chihuahua mix, Lupita, who came into my 4 years ago and changed it for the better.

I crossed the finish line in 1:14:19, a 7 minute PR for me, and a decent time for me considering the bobbing and weaving for the first and last mile.

Run to Feed the Hungry results

Run to Feed the Hungry has become a Thanksgiving tradition for many in the Sacramento area, both for those running/walking and those who enjoy spectating. I can’t help but think it’s a must run for me going forward. The spirit of the event was amazing!

I can’t speak much to the after-race party, because when I finished the run it was all about getting down to business. I finally met back up with the Mr. and it was time to get home to start cooking. I was on-deck for dressing and candied yams.

Thanksgiving candied yams

I wish I had taken a picture of our full spread of food because we did amazing things this year, but to be honest I was way too busy enjoying the deliciousness. A shout out to my Aunt for the tasty green beans, and to Yvette for the delicious adobo. (FYI Yvette, you’ve been offered money to produce adobo on a regular when you’re interested!)

I still say the best part of Thanksgiving is the morning after omellette courtesy of the Mr….eggs + cheese + turkey + stuffing + bacon = amazing. I’m so sad the pictures came out a little blurry, but the food was perfect!

Thanksgiving Omelette

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Always, Sierra

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you do a Turkey Trot? Favorite food you ate?

Did you do any Black Friday shopping? 





Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my Dad’s birthday, he would have been 67. It’s his first birthday since he’s passed.


The blog world is all about presenting the sunny side of life, but life is about the hard, messy stuff too. The kinda stuff that makes you want to stay in bed, makes the work day pass in a fog, makes you grateful to come home to your family or friends and a glass of wine.


Throughout this grieving process, one thing has been a constant comfort. My dad never went a day not knowing if I loved him. I told him and showed him in a million different ways over 28 years of my life, and I am so grateful for that.


As I got older, I realized sometimes our parents need more. Sometimes they just want to be understood and accepted, the same way us kids just wanted to be understood and accepted when we were teenagers.

My dad constantly told me how grateful he was that I “got him”. It is incredibly powerful to know that in the good times and bad, I gave him comfort just by expressing my love and acceptance, not only for who he was as a father, but who he was as a person.


Today is your day. Tell someone you love them for exactly who they are, that you wouldn’t change a thing about them. Give them the comfort of love and acceptance that only you can provide. Ease their troubles, and brighten their day.

I love you, Dad. Happy Birthday.

Always, Sierra