Hiking Angel Island State Park

One of the advantages of having a birthday awesome friends is being able to persuade them to do crazy things like wake up at 8:00 am on a Saturday, take an hour-long ferry ride and go on a 5+ mile hike just for fun.

Angel Island group pic

{at the end of the day}

We stuck mostly to the primary trail on Angel Island, a 5 mile Perimeter Road that loops around the entire island. From the Perimeter Road, there are lots of side excursions and secondary trails, including some that will lead you to the top of the island, Mt. Livermore.

angel island map


Our first order of business was an impromptu photo shoot.

angel island

{borrowed from Y}

Angel Island is sometimes called the Ellis Island of the West. In the early 1900s it was used as a processing center for immigrants coming to the United States, primarily from China. The immigration station has been turned into a museum, and tours are available to detail the experiences of the immigrants.

Immigration Station

The museum is about a mile from the ferry docking area. As you continue farther along the Perimeter Road, there’s no shortage of views…

angel island


…or spooky ruins. Could you imagine camping here?! It’s got B-horror movie set written all over it!


Halfway through our hike, it was time to refuel. White wine and salsa verde Doritos, because we’re classy like that.


There’s a cantina and a cafe on the island for lunch offerings, but there are so many awesome picnic opportunities on the island, it’s worth it to pack in your own food and drinks.

Refueled and ready to go, we found a nice little beach that we had all to ourselves.


Going off the main path to explore all the nooks and crannies Angel Island has to offer is a must, but be prepared for inclines and stairs of doom to get back to the main trail. Buns of steel!

stair masters

If you do eat at one of the places by the ferry dock, it’ll be overpriced and nothing to write home about. The quinoa salad at the cafe was a win, especially with chicken added to it.


A couple of ice cold beers later, and we were ready to sail off into the sunset.


RouteWhen you get off the ferry, you’ll see a sign for the Northridge Trail, and 140 lovely, steep steps. Take these steps (and feel the burn) until you get to the second paved road with signs for the Perimeter Road.  You can go left or right around the Perimeter Road, or follow signs leading to Mt. Livermore. If you choose not to go up to Mt. Livermore at this point, there are trails further down the Perimeter Road that will also take you to the top. The summit of Mt. Livermore is at 788 feet.

Details: The Perimeter Road is a paved, easy, 5 mile loop with a few gently rolling hills. If you plan on going up to Mt. Livermore, or connecting some of the inside trails to the Perimeter Road for a longer hike, difficulty will become moderate to hard.

Rules: Bikes are allowed on the paved Perimeter Road, but not on other trails.

Tips: Angel Island is only accessible by ferry or private boat. If you’re vacationing in the San Francisco Bay area, taking a day trip to explore Angel Island is a great way to add an active day to your vacation. If you’re not up for a hike, there are other options including bike rentals, segway tours, and tram rides. The island is mostly direct exposure, so sun screen is a must and hats/sunglasses are a good idea. We had gorgeous weather, but it’s easy to see how a windy day could be miserable. Be sure to bring layersThere’s a ton of history on Angel Island, so check out the state park website to figure out what spots you want to explore in-depth.

A shout out to my peoples for being up for an adventure and making my birthday unforgettable! Happy hiking!

Always, Sierra

fun times

{borrowed from J}

Hello 29!

Or, as the Mr. says, “Twenty-nine and still divine!”

We had dinner a feast at Tribune Tavern. One plate of food is never enough, especially when celebrating. I like to recommend at least two to three filled with different deliciousness. That way while you stuff your face you have plenty of to decide which tastiness is going to be the critical last bite.

29 bday din tribune tav{My FancyPants cocktail}

We pre-partied hard for dinner with this tasty piece of artwork by the Mr.

panx cake

Yes, that is a pants-shaped cake that may or may not have transformed into a lovely pair of denim cutoffs by the time we finished.

The evening before my birthday I went on a hike with one of my girls. She has this amazing ability to combine a positive outlook with a keep it real attitude, and is one of the most open and honest people I know.

caught the bouquet...now what?!

I’ve been in the middle of a third life crisis for the past week or so. The idea of only having one year left in my twenties made the perfectionist in me start thinking of all the things I haven’t done yet, all the things I still want to accomplish. A couple hours chatting with C in the cool green evening air, and all was right with the world again.


 {borrowed from C}

My twenties were for:

  • Developing friendships with amazing women and men who have become family
  • Living with other and living alone
  • Truly believing I am okay just the way I am
  • Experiencing deep grief and loss for the first time
  • Learning the importance of living a life in line with my values
  • Learning what my values even are!
  • Learning it (whatever it is) doesn’t have to be perfect all the time every time
  • Reminding myself that growth happens when you put yourself into new and/or uncomfortable situations
  • Learning that I had to love myself before I could love someone else

Twenty-nine is for:

  • Becoming more involved with the causes I’m passionate about
  • Staying committed to the active lifestyle I’ve been creating for myself
  • Running a half-marathon?!?!?!?!
  • Glorious summer trips with the girls to Mexico and Aruba
  • Exploring how my career can better line up with what I value
  • Allowing myself to be vulnerable with the people I love and the people I meet
  • Trying new things and developing new skills
  • Finding a new space for the Mr. and I to call home and expanding our family with another four-legged creature or two (…and maybe some chickens…a lizard or snake if I can talk him into it…and i’ve always wanted a pair of lovebirds…I’m thinking Noah’s Ark would be a good goal…)

I’m off to continue the celebrations and take my favorite creature for a run. Have a lovely Friday!

lazy dog

Always, Sierra