I’m back! How have y’all been?!

I didn’t mean to stay gone so long, but it’s been a much-needed break. What started out as a fun outlet got taken over by neurotic, over-thinking me. If I wasn’t blogging, I was thinking about blogging, thinking about when to take pictures cuz if there’s no pictures it didn’t happen, running, thinking about running, or thinking about how to best blog about running. It was exhausting! The fact of the matter is I have a full-time career and this blog isn’t it. Letting it go completely is the last thing I want to do, but no more pressure to generate content at an unrealistic pace.

Besides a few pesky colds, I’ve been doing great! The Mr. and I celebrated our anniversary with a trip to New Orleans in October…

New Orleans

…and just got back from our annual camping trip to the Mojave.

{borrowed from Ryan}

I took a break from running too. I’ve been going out when I feel like it and not worrying too much about distance or time. I’ve lost a bit of speed, but nothing I can’t build back up in a couple of weeks. The past week or two has been all about getting back to consistency, and I’m back to feeling good about setting daily goals and nailing them. Being burned out was no fun!

To everyone who’s asked me why I haven’t been blogging the past couple months, thank you! Being given the opportunity to talk about why I’ve been MIA has helped me understand better myself.

So I’ve bought myself some new shoes…

asics gt 2000 2


and signed up for my first ever Turkey Trot to keep that motivation sparked.

Run to Feed the Hungry

{Run to Feed the Hungry}

To top things off, I ran into the Berkeley Half-Marathon today on my morning run and followed along on a side trail for a bit. If you were out there running, congrats on looking strong! You did a great job!

Always, Sierra

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