Quick, Functional Workout and Groupon Half Marathon

The only thing that saved me from turning into a couch sloth yesterday evening was the lack of red wine in our house.

empty wine holder

After a long, mentally draining day I was tempted to throw the towel in on my cross-training/strength workout. I hadn’t planned out exactly what my workout was going to be, and you know what they say…


But there have been some inspiring posts up in the past week or so, including this functional workout posted by Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers, and this post on how to design a workout by Taylor on Lifting Revolution, so I sucked it up and got a little creative.

always sierra workout

I had planned going for three rounds, but by the end of the second my arms were like jelly and my stomach was grumbling for dinner. I was pretty shaky on the last few burpees, but the benefit of doing burpees on concrete is the added motivation from fear of scraping layers of skin off your knees/hands/face.

always sierra

By the end of the two rounds sweat was dripping and I felt 100% more energized.

For all you Bay Area folk, had any of you seen this Groupon deal for the inaugural Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon? I’ve been debating over whether I was going to get it all week, and now I’ve missed my chance.


The timing wasn’t that great as it falls on the weekend of a good friend’s birthday, but I’ve really got to get over this idea that a beam of light is going to shine down on me when I’ve reached the perfect amount of readiness for a half-marathon. Suck it up, buttercup! (I’ll take a medium, thanks.)

Always, Sierra

Any half marathons on the horizon?

Do you create your own workouts? What’s your favorite?


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