Weekly Workout Recap, 8/12 to 8/18

I knew it was going to be a light week because most of Tuesday and Wednesday were devoted to traveling home from Aruba, so I’m not too upset about all the rest days. It’s been warm in the East Bay, and it’s been kinda nice just to kick back and enjoy it. I did manage to be somewhat productive!

Monday: 60 min Zumba at the Marriott Surf Club in Aruba. So humid! I don’t Zumba often, but I love it when I do. Everyone puts their own unique spin on the dance moves and it makes it so fun!

aruba zumbaTuesday: off (travel)

Wednesday: off (travel)

Thursday: off

Friday: off

Saturday: Run for the Seals 4 mile run! Roughly 11.54 min/mile, lots of inclines. Race Recap on the way. Half-assed dynamic warm-up, 10 min foam roll, hip strength 3 x 12 each move, clamshells 3 x 20 each side and bridges 3 x 20.

Run for the Seals 2013

Sunday: Yoga at home, 60 min

Run: 4 miles

Overall: Vacation-itis got the best of me when I returned from Aruba, but I stuck to some of my goals including: yoga, hip strength, cross-training, and more races so I’m happy with that. Vacationing in humid spots really throws me for a loop! I get into that humid weather and just want to lounge and drink and exert as little effort as possible. Here’s to getting back on track this week!

How do you get back on track after vacation? Do you struggle to work out in humidity or are you a pro at it?

Always, Sierra

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