Weekend Reading: Have a Lovely Saturday!

have a lovely saturday


A recent observational study has tied high blood sugar to an increased risk in dementia. While this is a good starting point for further research, we should keep in mind that causation was not established and that there is no current explanation for the linkage. There is no proof that if you lowered your blood sugar levels you would also lower your dementia risk. Still, if it’s got you thinking about making some healthy changes and reducing sugar intake, here are 7 tricks to quit sugar.

I ask myself all the time, what makes a good running blog? And how can I keep the quality of mine improving? Take home message:

In fact, the researchers’ message to health bloggers is: combine storytelling with concrete health information.

Healthy Tipping Point has a great post up with tips from a Tri Coach on how to incorporate strength into your other fitness goals.

New York will be prescribing fruits and vegetables to patients struggling with obesity as part of the FVRx program. The program has had success in California and Texas, but $2 coupons for use at Farmer’s markets doesn’t add up to very much. I’d be curious at how many coupons are prescribed and how often.

Social Psychology

I’m an introvert, which does not mean that I hate being around people or am antisocial. It does mean that on occasion I need some downtime to process all the fabulous happenings.

Want to encourage follow through in your colleagues, employees, kids, etc? Encourage behavioral changes. Make the projects well-defined and easy to carry out.

You were busy yesterday, but were your productive? I’m definitely guilty of living for the fire drill.


One Pot Wonders: Pork Chops with Fresh Peaches and Basil

I’ve got a bag of coconut in the cupboard that is just asking to be used in this recipe with carrots and figs.

Simple snacks are my favorite snacks. Check out Julie’s Peanut Butter Fingers recipe roundup for some inspiration.

I wish I had never seen these totchos. Fivetenburger has some of the best tots ever, and I might have to make these happen.


This kitchen is amazing. Black, brass and white make for a bold combination.

I’ve been wanting a gold and natural stone necklace for a while but have yet to  swipe the plastic. This blog post is full of DIY inspiration.

Lisa Congdon’s pictures of Paris storefronts are so pretty. They make me want to fly to Paris on a cloudy day, grab a cup of coffee and go wandering.

Ashley Adores Fancy Things Friday included this necklace from Zara and I had instant want syndrome. I’ll take this, these and these too.


This surprise water balloon fight might be the best idea ever.

Robin Thicke’s summer hit, Blurred Lines, is all over the place right now. Here’s a gender reversed version that has been making the rounds. Did you know Robin Thicke’s dad was an aspiring singer at one point too? Check him out at a Crystal Light National Aerobics championship. Love that 80s workout gear!

Breaking Bad starts up this weekend, here are 20 random facts about the show to bust out at your viewing party.

A Craigslist missed connection worth reading.

What would all the unwritten words of your life say? Don’t let the important things go unsaid!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Always, Sierra

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