Setting Goals for August

C came over last night and we had some quality girl time involving Catfish, dinner and wine. I was going to take a pic of our deliciousness but I was so hungry I forgot!

Have you seen this show on MTV? Major guilty pleasure. The host, Nev, helps people figure out if their online love interests/friends are really who they say they are. Some of the relationships covered have been going on for years without the people ever meeting or video chatting. The episodes can get a little cuh-razy, like this one and this one

The concept for the TV show came from a documentary by the same name, in which Nev figured out he had been the one being deceived. Not only was the girl he was developing a relationship with fake, but the real woman behind the girl had created a whole cast of supporting characters. It was fascinating.

Anyway! Before I jump into goals for August, let’s recap July:

July Goals

  • Work back up to my regularly scheduled running program. What does that entail? 3-4 runs each week, slow and easy, 4 miles and under. Incorporate long runs back into my rotation by the end of the month. Review Anatomy of a Runner. Accomplished! I’ve been keeping track of my runs in my Weekly Workout Recaps and have been consistently getting in three runs a week under 4 miles. This week I have my first run over 4 miles planned.
  • Sign up for a Fall half-marathon (it’ll be my first!), and find a training plan. Sorta Accomplished. I’ve researched local half-marathons this fall, but I haven’t taken the jump and signed up for one yet. I’m not worried about finishing, but I am worried about how long it will take me. Still debating if I want to wait until Spring to give myself time to build a better base.
  • Start putting together Shutterfly photo book project. Negatory. I could make excuses like my computer with all the pictures on it died, but really I’ve just been slacking.
  • Explore two new recipes and new healthy snacks. Accomplished! I made this pasta salad and experimented with a cherry-orange compote.

cherry orange compote

  • Help a friend set up their Etsy shop. Negatory, I just didn’t make this project a priority this month.
  • Get more involved with a cause I believe in. Negatory. I think this was too vague for me so I never really went anywhere with it.

Since I started setting monthly goals in June, I’ve learned a few things. If the goal I’m setting is too broad, chances are I won’t get started on it. The goals I’ve been most successful with are the ones that have been the most specific. If the tasks aren’t specific, they’re much easier to put off because I can’t estimate exactly how much time it’s going to take so I think I’ll need large chunks of time which can seem impossible to find.

Another thing I’ve learned is that a lot of my goals tend to involve projects (Shutterfly photo albums, setting up Etsy shops, getting involved with causes), but within a single month if I try to focus on starting all of them without a plan of action then I feel overwhelmed and start none of them.

Going forward my goals for setting goals (hahaha, couldn’t resist) are to keep them specific, break broad projects/tasks into smaller bite-size steps, and think critically about what I want to accomplish for the month so I’m not listing ten things I have no chance of completing.

August Goals:

  • Incorporate hip strengthening exercises into workouts at least 2-3x a week.
  • Add three new items to the Etsy shop. Research two venues for marketing outreach.
  • Select the best pictures from Hawaii, and get through editing each one.
  • Critically evaluate my morning routine: what do I currently do, what could be improved, what could be added to get my day off on the right foot. By the end of August, incorporate one new thing into my routine that adds value to my mornings.

I’m the type of person who loves to-do lists, especially the part when you get to cross things off. Most of my lists are task-driven, however. This is the first time I’ve made an attempt at formally writing down goals and trying to keep a bigger scheme in mind. I’m not adding it to this month’s list, but at some point I think I might be working on some type of short-term, long-term, and longer-term goal planning. It sounds positively riveting, right?

Always, Sierra

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

What are some of your goals for August?

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