Weekend Reading: Have a Lovely Saturday!




If you live in California and outdoorsy, you probably already know that ticks transmit Lyme disease. Here’s another reason to avoid them…it’s recently been discovered that they also transmit the newly discovered Heartland virus.

How healthy are you? Maybe not as healthy as you think.

How do you handle stress? A recent study suggests that people default to ingrained habits in stressful situations.The good news is, that includes healthy habits. Been meaning to start meditating regularly? Get started now to keep it up the next time life gets hectic.

There’s evidence that America’s average bra size has increased from a 34B to a 34DD. My ta-ta’s are stuck in the olden days.

Heather at Through Heather’s Looking Glass wrote a letter to her former self, and I swear it could have been a letter to my former self too. Except I’m still working up to the long distance part lol.

Dorothy at Mile Posts has a great reminder up this week to get out of our running comfort zone, something I occasionally struggle with.

Social Psychology

Have you ever experienced microaggression in the workplace? This article is fascinating.

I wish I had come across this article about partying hard in my early 20s. I can still appreciate it now, especially this part: “Think you’re more confident after downing a cosmo? That confidence has to come from somewhere, and I guarantee you, it doesn’t hide in a cocktail shaker. Find an authentic, wholesome way to experiment with your inner confidence, sans booze. You don’t have to move mountains; think small.”

Hoping you’ll get a flash of genius to spur your creativity? It doesn’t really work that way.


Garlic soup with Mushrooms and Chive Oil? Yes, please!

I am addicted to delicious pictures of food, which makes this article about 15 foodie Instagram accounts especially handy.

Who knew baby oysters were so tiny and cute? Turns out oyster farming is a lot like making wine.

Meaty saucy goodness for your next brunch.


I love fancy kitchen floors, especially when they’re hand-painted. And while we’re at it, I love fancy kitchen walls too.

There’s still time to shop for deals in Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. I’m digging this Michael Kors watch. While we’re talking accessories, I’ll also take this cross-body bag and these boots in black.


A new version of Monopoly has stirred up all kinds of emotions in loyal Monopoly players. Call me crazy, but buying brands instead of real estate is just a little too much product placement. Is it more concerning that kids these days don’t have the attention span to play the original Monopoly or that the only way to sell a board game is to make it a marketing tool?

Speaking of branding, are you working on building yours? Preorder Alice E. Marwick’s Status Update: Celebrity, Publicity, and Branding in the Social Media Age for a little food for thought.

This story about a smiling, dancing man encountered on a lonely walk at night is super creepy. Almost as creepy as this YouTube reenactment.

Are you a city person or a country person? You might be surprised by which has the higher risk of death from injury or accidents.

Into reading? I am definitely a bookworm and proud of it.

I hope you’re weekend’s going well!

Always, Sierra

Always, Sierra

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