Sock Conundrum

Ever have one tiny thing throw you off for multiple days?

I changed into my running clothes after work yesterday and headed out to do a few quick errands before I fit some miles in. The few quick errands turned into a few long errands and before I knew it I was crunched for time and my run got sacrificed. I re-packed my running clothes for today, only there was a minor problem when I changed after work.

sock conundrum

Not only did I forget my running socks, I also happen to desperately need to do laundry and wore mismatched socks to work today. Does this qualify as a fail or am I one step closer to hanging with the cool kids? Even this little guy couldn’t stop staring.

hello western fence lizard

There are legitimate reasons to miss a run and then there are mismatched socks. Wear em loud and wear em proud I say! I got my miles in, nerd alert and all.

Always, Sierra

Is there a piece of gear you just can’t run without?

Am I the only one who thinks wearing mismatched socks is an expression of personality?

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