Chocolate Cherry Banana Recovery Smoothie

I’ve never been able to trust cherries. They look so plump and red and juicy, beckoning me to taste them. And when I do? Nothing but a mouth full of tartness when I wanted sweetness. Little hussies.

So, a couple nights ago, when the Mr. talked me into trying some, I had my doubts. I had been burned before, you know? Only they were tasty! And when I got home from my run yesterday afternoon I knew they were just begging to be used in a smoothie.

Ingredients: gathered.

Chocolate Cherry Banana Smoothie

Combine the following…

15-20 cherries

1/2 a banana

1 tsp cocoa powder

1/2 cup Greek yogurt

Almond milk to desired consistency (not pictured)

A touch of vanilla extract or sweetener if you like

…and blend! (Anyone else too lazy to remove stickers from their kitchen appliances?)

Chocolate Cherry Banana Smoothie

If I have it on hand, I’ll throw in baby spinach, chia seeds and/or flax-seed, but even without those trendy ingredients this smoothie is tasty.

finished product

This is the extent me staging food pictures: take them by the front door because that’s the only place that gets natural light in the evenings. Don’t judge.

The ingredients in this smoothie make it a great choice for a recovery snack after a tough workout. Antioxidants in cherries have been shown to have anti-inflammatory benefits by reducing levels of nitric oxide, and have even been shown to help those suffering from arthritis. A recent study suggests that bananas are as beneficial as consuming sports drinks during workouts. Even if you think that’s pushing it, bananas are rich in potassium, a mineral that athletes naturally deplete while sweating. Low levels of potassium can lead to muscle cramps and blood pressure issues, which does not sound fun at all. And, of course, the protein in Greek yogurt makes it a great choice for a recovery smoothie. By sticking with plain Greek yogurt, you’re avoiding all the extra sugar in flavored varieties and getting your carbs from the whole fruit instead.

The recovery powers work especially well when you prop your feet up and watch one of your favorite guilty pleasures.

Smoothie and Extreme Makeover Weight Loss

Always, Sierra

What fruit do you have a love-hate relationship with?

Favorite smoothie ingredients?

Do you have a guilty pleasure TV show?

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