July Goals

I already know I’ll be stuffing my face with deliciousness this month, because it’s what I do best.


But I have a few other things in mind that I’d like to shoot for too.

July Goals

  • Work back up to my regularly scheduled running program. What does that entail? 3-4 runs each week, slow and easy, 4 miles and under. Incorporate long runs back into my rotation by the end of the month. Review Anatomy of a Runner.
  • Sign up for a Fall half-marathon (it’ll be my first!), and find a training plan.
  • Start putting together Shutterfly photo book project.
  • Explore two new recipes and new healthy snacks.
  • Help a friend set up their Etsy shop.
  • Get more involved with a cause I believe in.

What are your goals for July?

Always, Sierra


2 thoughts on “July Goals

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