Have a Lovely Friday!


1. I haven’t tried CrossFit yet, but this Reebok tee is almost motivation enough. I’ll take this and this too.

2. Don’t try to hide it, you know you’ve scared yourself once or twice.

3. The evolution of happiness.

4. Registration is open for Let’s Go 510 – The East Bay 10K. Who’s in?

5. Love is love!

6. A newly discovered beer…so good!

7. Are you a time or distance runner? I usually run for distance, I think being able to track just how many miles I’m pounding out adds to the sense of accomplishment.

8. Life to the Full, a new to me blog that I’m digging. Do you read it?

9. I’ll be camping for Fourth of July weekend, and I guarantee you I will have stories about how amazing these turn out to be. I also plan on making some hobo packs, does anyone have any combinations they recommend trying?

10. I’ll also be ordering Cards Against Humanity for the camping trip. Ever played? It’s an adult version of Apples to Apples, and it’ll change your life.

11. Remember a while back I confessed my love for Extreme Weight Loss? This week’s episode was so good! Ryan’s story will have you hooked in the first few minutes, and he gets extra love in my book for being a Packer’s fan.

So I still haven’t made a change from Google Reader, and I’m quickly running out of time. I was kind of hoping that the general outcry would persuade Google it was worth keeping, but I guess it’s time to make the switch. Bloglovin’? Feedly? I’ve heard great things about both. Anyone know how the Android apps are for both?

Always, Sierra

What are your plans for the weekend?

Any one else camping for Fourth of July? Running a race? BBQ’ing up a storm?

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