Have a Lovely Friday!


1. Nachos for breakfast? Yes, please. This book was made for me.

2. New dream job: running concierge!

3. Everyone starts somewhere. A great message, and so easy to forget when you’re gasping for air halfway through a planned run.

4. OMG. Evian got it so right, even if CGI babies are a little creepy.

5. A Daily Infographic post on how writing affects the brain. My fave part? Why you should avoid clichés.

6. There were lots of posts this week celebrating National Running Day.

Do you think everyone else has been running for years too? I know I do.

Isn’t this why we all run?

This. Being able to explore new to me cities and locations on my own two feet is partly what inspired me running in the first place.

7. Running a marathon is challenging by itself…how about running one at the North Pole? Call me crazy, but I kinda wanna.

With continuous daylight at the North Pole this time of year, the start time was irrelevant to competitors. However, the -30C temperatures coupled with challenging underfoot conditions for the race made the event extremely difficult. While the course had solid ice for some stretches, approximately half the route was energy sapping soft snow, with a few deep patches in places. It was this latter feature that mitigated against the possibility of faster times for the front runners. Thornton said it was the “most surreal running experience of his life”. Holding a marathon PB of 2:17 hrs, he said it was “very tough after the first third of the race” and a “mental battle to get to the finish”.

8. Is mint green still a thing? Because I haven’t gotten over it.

9. National Park Service to start serving healthier options at their parks. A step in the right direction? I think so.

10. Tired of all the concrete in your jungle? Wild Oakland is a volunteer-ran organization that leads nature walks in the city…pretty awesome, right? Ashley, this one’s for you:

wild oakland


Tomorrow’s the See Jane Run 5K, wish me luck!

Always, Sierra

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