5 ways to celebrate National Running Day

Today is the first Wednesday in June and that means it’s National Running Day! This is the five-year anniversary, and my first year celebrating it…I get to hang with the cool kids now, right?

cool kids goucher flanagan


Let’s get this party started!

1. First up: say it loud and say it proud! Why do you run? Make a badge to share with your friends and fam. I run to find my limits, and then I run right past them.

I run

I also run to eat Nachos! Which brings me to number two…

2. Perfect the art of carb loading. I got started last night at the Giants game. It was hard work, but I felt it was my duty to set a good example for all of you.

carb loading At&T park

3. Turn all the good running juju that’s going around today into motivation to nail a PR. RNR is offering discounts on races of all lengths, and the Women’s Running Series is offering discounts off half marathons. You know you wanna!

4. Memorize random running facts to drop into conversations at the most timely moments.

BFF: I’m can’t wait for our trip to Mexico, nothing but margaritas and sand!

Me: Did you know human feet can produce a pint of sweat per day? I’ll be sure to bring cute sandals to Mexico to air my feet out after I run.

sometimes I have cankles

Sometimes my ankles are more like cankles.

5. Scour Pinterest for some motivation to get you going.

Are you ready to run? I am…right after I get through about 9 hours of work!

And when I’m done running my heart out, I just might watch one of these awesome documentaries on Netflix…


Off and Running Movie Poster


Always, Sierra

How are you celebrating National Running Day?

What’s your favorite random running fact?

Do you have a favorite motivational image from Pinterest? Post it below!

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