Weekly Workout Recap and How About Those June Goals?

I was hoping to wake up early this morning (6:30) for a trail run to beat the heat that’s struck California in the past few days but that didn’t happen. Instead, I moseyed out of the house around 9, and the weather was already brutal.


I know, I know, I’m a wimp, but it was in the 80s by the time I finished! I debated about skipping the run, but knowing I had a draft of my first weekly workout recap waiting for me pushed me to stick it out. Accountability? Thank you blog!

I headed to Crockett Hills Regional Park. It seems to be one of the more unpopular regional parks in the East Bay (you mean you don’t like refinery views and the sound of traffic when you run?), but it’s got a lot of gently rolling hills which make for good training.

Crockett Hills Regional ParkCrockett hills trailCrockett Hills trailCrockett hills trailCrockett Hills trailCrockett Hills trail

It also has a special place in my heart because it’s the first place I had a Shut Up + Run moment. TMI?

What I had planned on being a trail run ended up being a hike/trail run combo because of the heat. That’s okay with me though. When things get warmer than what I’m acclimated to, I switch to running on effort instead of running for pace. Mostly because I like to avoid things like chills, dizziness and fainting.

The smartest decision I made was wearing my Brooks D’Light Mesh Tank. I was worried that it was too thin when I first got it but today it really helped to keep me cool. I know your day wasn’t complete until you saw my fancy hair and flared nostrils.

trail run

Even though it wasn’t the run I had planned, any run is good in my book. Here’s what my week looked like.

Monday: 1 mile warm-up on the treadmill (5.5 mph @ 2% incline) and 45 min strength

Tuesday: 3.55 miles street running, 11:21 average pace

Wednesday: Unexpected rest

Thursday: 3.93 miles street running, 12:54 average pace and an exercise in getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. It was so freaking hot!hot

Friday: 35 min strength

Saturday: rest

Sunday: 3.22 mile trail run/hike

Total Mileage: 11.7

Overall: The past 2-3 weeks were scaled back in terms of mileage due to travel and general life busyness. I’m working on building my mileage back up, so I’m good with these numbers. Especially since two of the runs were in weather  hotter than I’m used to running in. It’s the summer, time to suck it up and acclimate!

And what about those June goals? How’d I do?

June Goals

  • Set a PR in See Jane Run 5K – Accomplished!
  • Find a one piece bathing suit so I can start swimming laps again – not accomplished but really I’m fine with that. Rocking a few new two pieces though!
  • Try to get a little ahead of the game with my blogging content – not really accomplished. I was hoping to generate content a little more ahead of the game than the day of, but time crunchiness hasn’t allowed that to happen…yet!
  • Experiment with 2-3 new recipes (probably some type of vegetable/bean/grain salads) in prep of July camping trip – I’m calling this one done! I’ll be making them this week and telling you all about them soon enough.
  • “Break in” my new hiking boots (I’ve taken them out once and they’re so comfy I don’t think they’ll need much breaking in!) – My hiking boots have been lonely and neglected. Moving this one to July.
  • Stay active on my girls trip to Mexico – Accomplished!
  • Volunteer at the Special Olympics – Accomplished, post coming soon!

Always, Sierra

Are you facing the heat where you live too?

What did your weekly workouts look like?

Do you set monthly goals? Yearly? Not a believer in setting goals?

Have a Lovely Friday!


1. I haven’t tried CrossFit yet, but this Reebok tee is almost motivation enough. I’ll take this and this too.

2. Don’t try to hide it, you know you’ve scared yourself once or twice.

3. The evolution of happiness.

4. Registration is open for Let’s Go 510 – The East Bay 10K. Who’s in?

5. Love is love!

6. A newly discovered beer…so good!

7. Are you a time or distance runner? I usually run for distance, I think being able to track just how many miles I’m pounding out adds to the sense of accomplishment.

8. Life to the Full, a new to me blog that I’m digging. Do you read it?

9. I’ll be camping for Fourth of July weekend, and I guarantee you I will have stories about how amazing these turn out to be. I also plan on making some hobo packs, does anyone have any combinations they recommend trying?

10. I’ll also be ordering Cards Against Humanity for the camping trip. Ever played? It’s an adult version of Apples to Apples, and it’ll change your life.

11. Remember a while back I confessed my love for Extreme Weight Loss? This week’s episode was so good! Ryan’s story will have you hooked in the first few minutes, and he gets extra love in my book for being a Packer’s fan.

So I still haven’t made a change from Google Reader, and I’m quickly running out of time. I was kind of hoping that the general outcry would persuade Google it was worth keeping, but I guess it’s time to make the switch. Bloglovin’? Feedly? I’ve heard great things about both. Anyone know how the Android apps are for both?

Always, Sierra

What are your plans for the weekend?

Any one else camping for Fourth of July? Running a race? BBQ’ing up a storm?

Healthier Living Goals: Staying Active on Vacation

I had three goals for Cabo: have fun, get some quality girl time in, and stay active.

Oh wait, make that four goals.

In the past, my vacations have been all about the food…

donuts in seattle

{donuts in Seattle}

Leonard's in Hawaii

{Malasadas in Hawaii}

…and the drank.

beer in seattle

Kona brewing company

Going from a lifelong “I deserve to indulge and relax on vacation” to a shiny new “It feels good to work out anytime, vacation or not” is a work in progress. Sometimes I struggle, and sometimes it’s almost effortless I struggle less.

Our recent trip to Cabo was a big success for me, especially because I had some great workout partners.

Cabo gym time

The first and biggest hurdle was just packing running gear. I used to question whether it was worth bringing the running shoes along when I wasn’t sure I’d even use them. I could be using that precious space for two clutches and a pair of heels!

The thing is, if I don’t pack the shoes, I’m already giving up.

When we went to Cabo, I traveled there and back in my running gear. I didn’t have to worry about cramming the shoes into my carry on, and I was super comfy on the plane. Just walking around in the stuff made me feel like I was a bad-ass, one step away from pro athlete status.



(Sidenote: I took a pair of running capris for travelling only to make sure I didn’t stank up the plane on the way back. You’re welcome, fellow passengers.)

I also brought some running focused reading material for the plane ride there to keep me motivated. I managed to get through at least two articles between daydreams of margaritas and lounging in pools.

My whole goal in wanting to be active on vacation is to explore new places by foot, but that doesn’t mean it’s always going to work out that way. I knew that the location of our resort wasn’t going to be conducive to outdoor runs, but I didn’t want to sacrifice my bigger goals because I couldn’t do exactly what I wanted. That meant some gym time.

Too bad my regular gym doesn’t have this view.

Riu Santa Fe

Everything on the treadmill was in kilometers. Now, I know I should be able to figure out km/h relatively easy and dial in my pace (hello 5K and 10K). My brain, however, refused to do math on vacation, so that meant I bounced around a bit and probably settled for something on the slow side.

Another down side? Apparently three treadmills going at the same time was one too many for the resort gym. A power surge caused all the treadmills to stop with no warning and I almost bit it hard. I think we recovered well, don’t you agree?

Working it out

Since the cardio equipment was a little spotty, I switched things up and focused more on strength. I have a small, free gym at work which is convenient, but it only has dumbbells and medicine balls. It was nice to use some of the strength machines for a change and push my body a little harder and in different ways. Because I stayed flexible in what I wanted to accomplish, I never got discouraged by the limitations I couldn’t control.

Before we left, I didn’t talk to any of my girlfriends about working out while we were there, but I knew that at least a few of them would pack their gear. It’s so much easier to take time away from drinking and sunning when you’re not doing it alone. Y and C were my workout partners at the gym, but all of us also took a water aerobics class together, danced up a storm, and had long walks escapades on the beach. It’s crazy how much of a workout you get just walking in loose sand!

We were in Cabo for about four and a half days, and we were at the gym on two of those days. Trying to build new habits is all about thoughts and intentions, and I rocked it on this trip!

Always, Sierra

Do you have any active vacationing tips?

What are your favorite workouts when you travel?

How do you plan for working out on vacation when you’re the only one who wants to?

Living it up in Cabo San Lucas

Our girlfriends getaway weekend in Cabo was a smashing success!

us girls in cabo

We stepped off the plane onto a hot tarmac, found our shuttle, and got right down to business.



We stayed at the all-inclusive resort, Riu Santa Fe. A really critical feature won me over almost immediately…

towel animal

There are two main swimming areas at the resort: a lowkey pool in the middle area of all the buildings and three infinity pools at the back of the resort, overlooking the Sea of Cortez. Two of these infinity pools had swim up bars and this is definitely where the shit show party was at. One guy told us he had been at the resort for three weeks! I don’t know if I could have made it that long.

borrowed from C

borrowed from C

Riu Santa Fe has specialty restaurants on-site that are part of the all-inclusive deal. I’d check out their Italian restaurant, and skip the steakhouse. The buffets were okay, although very American-ized food, and the breakfast buffet had a really great selection. Most of the mixed drinks were overly sweet and left us reaching for shots before too long. Ask for Jose!!! Otherwise you’ll be taking shots of low-budget tequila gasoline. So gross.

Lover’s Beach

Our resort backed up right to the beach, which was super convenient for grabbing water taxi’s here and there. We snagged a glass-bottomed boat to Lover’s Beach and spent a fun afternoon walking on hot coals exploring the famed arch.

borrowed from M

borrowed from M

 The Arch at Lover's Beach

I thought about doing some rock climbing, but decided to settle for rock lounging.

Lover's Beach lounging

On the way back we came across these guys.

borrowed from M

Hot Nights in Downtown Cabo

We took a party bus to downtown Cabo for one night, deciding to play it safe instead of striking out on our own. It was worth it in that we didn’t have to pay for entrance anywhere, got some free shots/beers, opened up VIP sections at each place, and never had to wait in line. But downtown Cabo is pretty much like Vegas, and we would have been fine going by ourselves and sticking to the main block of bars.

The party bus/walking tour took us to Knotty, Pink Kitty, Mandala and Squid Roe. They were all a lot of fun, but Knotty and Squid Roe were my faves.

squid roe cabo

{Squid Roe – source}

The Office and Mango Deck

The best food we had on our trip was at The Office.

the office


The seating right on the beach with lots of colorful umbrellas and live music gave it a fun, authentic atmosphere. We ordered all the food shrimp tacos and ceviche, and they were ah-mazing.

the office2


Mango Deck, just next door to The Office, had more delicious drinks and booty shaking contests!! Both of these spots were a $3/per person car taxi or $3/per person water taxi ride from our resort. We took the water taxi back, and the Sea of Cortez ate one of the girls cameras :(.

water taxi in cabo

Sunset Booze Cruise

This was easily the highlight of our trip. Sure, we had to deal with being herded towards expensive jewelry stores for an hour before taking off, but it was balanced out by tequila tasting, delicious fajitas and endless shots/frozen drinks as soon as we boarded.

borrowed from J

borrowed from J

We went towards Lover’s Beach for some awesome sunset pictures, and then circled around the Sea of Cortez for a while. About a half hour into the trip, everyone was friends with everyone, and dance contests were happening left and right.

Do you wobble? We wobbled while the ship wobbled, and the next morning most of us still felt like we were still wobbling!

I love these girls, and I’m grateful for the fun-filled times and memories I’ll treasure forever.

girls in cabo

Between the drinking and lounging and drinking and eating and drinking, I even managed to get some workouts in. Come back tomorrow for staying active on vacation tips!

Always, Sierra

Riu Santa Fe Tips

  • When you book at the resort, ask for Building 7 if you want to be close to the livelier pool areas.
  • Hit the gym early. By the time Saturday and Sunday rolled around, it was packed by mid-morning.
  • Make reservations for the specialty restaurants first thing in the morning, but get to the restaurant early to deal with any hiccups.
  • The resort offers free Wi-Fi, but only for one hour a day in the main lobby. The hour has to be all at once, and then you’re not allowed back onto the Wi-Fi for a full 24 hours.

Cabo tips

  • Bargain! You can get everything for just about $1-$5 cheaper than the original asking price, especially taxi rides.
  • Pesos are handy, but everywhere accepted pesos and dollars.
  • Take lots of sunscreen! We had to buy an extra bottle while we were there and it was $35. I’m not kidding.
  • Hydrate! The resort had all kinds of bottled water available.
  • We paid extra for a private shuttle from the airport to the resort and vice versa. This is really a personal preference, but it was nice to have a direct ride and not have to stop at other resorts or be packed in like sardines.

Motivation Monday and Ice Cream




It’s been a struggle for the past couple weeks to fit in my work outs. Summer is my second favorite time of year, but with all the gorgeous weather and long days come lots of activities. There have been vacations, road trips, time spent with family, friend’s birthdays to celebrate, fun events to attend, busy-ness at work…the list goes on. It’s easy to fall in the “I don’t have time ” or the “I need this hour of free time to just chill” traps.

“Every time you stay out late; every time you sleep in; every time you miss a workout; every time you don’t give 100% – You make it that much easier for me to beat you.”   – Unknown

And even though I have been making sure to fit in a few workouts a week, they haven’t been at the frequency or the level I’d like. I have more than a sneaking suspicion that I could be putting more into every run, every strength session. So it’s time to kick myself in the butt!

How I get going when I’m not motivated

1. Switch up work-outs. Most of the time I don’t dread the entire act of working out. Instead, I think all day about what I planned on doing, and dread that specific thing. When that happens, I bust myself out of my routine and do something different. The last time this happened I had planned a speed workout on the treadmill, but the idea of running on a treadmill was yawn-inducing. I did a strength session instead and felt revitalized and full of energy after.

2. Change up the location. My neighborhood has a lot of thru traffic and is full of interesting characters. If I can’t get out to run early in the morning, I don’t like running from my house. This means during the week I end up doing runs on the treadmill after work a lot, and that gets real old real fast. When I can’t stand it anymore, I brave the 45 minutes it’ll take sitting in traffic to get to some fun trails or a nice park. It’s a time drain, but being outside and the change in scenery makes me feel like a kid again and puts joy back into the run.

3. Try something new. I just bought a Groupon for barre classes, and I’m super excited to get started. Barre classes are new to me, so I’ll get to learn something new, get a fun strength workout in, and give my body a challenge it’s never seen. Groupon and LivingSocial are great resources for fitness classes and events, but this could also mean doing a (free) run with your local run club if you’ve never partaken or swimming a few laps to enjoy the summer weather.

4.  Read a book, watch a documentary, get immersed in youtube clips, listen to a friend. When I can’t uncover my own motivation, I look for examples of other people’s motivation. Sometimes this means watching an amazing documentary…

And sometimes it just means listening to the Mr. recount his biking adventures and hearing how he pushed himself and how much he put into it. Find the quotes, movies, youtube clips that motivate you, and keep them easily accessible for those rough days.

Now that everyone’s motivated and ready to go…let’s eat ice cream! The Mr. brought me this amazingness the other day.

Dreyer's German Chocolate Cake Ice Cream

Run, don’t walk. Dreyer’s really knew what they were doing, and it’s crazy how much this ice cream tastes like German chocolate cake (one of my favorite desserts ever). It’s a limited edition, keep your eye out for it!

Always, Sierra

How do you get motivated?

What’s your favorite dessert? Your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Do you have a movie or quote or book that gets you fired up?