Have a Lovely Friday!

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Excuse the minimal posts this week. Between the holiday and work events and hanging out with lots of amazing people, I haven’t had as much time for writing as I would like!

1. Need inspiration for a blank wall? My faves are #2 and #10.

2. Immortality by Stephen Cave has been added to my reading list, this quote’s got me hooked.

“The American novelist Susan Ertz says, “Millions long for immortality who don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.” I think there’s a lot of truth in that: Actually, it’s the fear of death rather than the love of life, often, that’s motivating us. If people complain that they don’t have enough time, why do they watch so much TV? It doesn’t seem, actually, when we look at the way people behave, that lack of time is their problem. On the contrary … when you look at how much time we waste, [it seems] that life is already too long — so long that we become complacent and we waste great swathes, so many hours. And, in fact, being conscious of the fact that our time is limited is what makes us really value and appreciate the time that we have.”

3. Can’t workup the motivation to get going? Two 90-year old men run a 100 meter dash. I hope I’ve still got it when I’m in my 90s.

4. Never be bored again! 100 DIY ideas.

5. The Oakland Museum’s Gallery of Natural History is having a grand reopening this weekend. They’ve spent the past year+ re-imagining it, and it’s going to be awesome. Even better, this Sunday is free admission!

6. Try something new! Starting June 5th at Jack London Square, Les Mills will be hosting “Workout Wednesdays“, hour-long complimentary classes in anything from martial arts to strength.

7. I would take these wedges in all of the color combinations, but the coconut tan is my fave.

8. OMG. This music video is ridiculous, I couldn’t take my eyes away. NSFW.

9. Treadmill running vs. Outdoors running

10. The new season of Extreme Weight Loss has started, and the first episode features twins. I think this show is a bit too scripted/cookies and milk/unrealistic/try hard, but I find it inspiring to see what the human body is able to accomplish. Anyone who takes determined, focused actions to change their lives for the better in any way deserves major props.

Our friends are getting married this weekend, and I’m so excited that we’ll be there to help them celebrate their love and committment. Have a great weekend!

Always, Sierra

What do you have going on this weekend?

Do you prefer treadmill running or running outdoors? Does weather change your choice?

Do you watch Extreme Weight Loss?

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