Brunch in Sacramento: Fox & Goose Public House

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Me and Mom having fun at the State Fair

My fabulous mom graciously had a birthday a few weeks ago, giving us an excuse to check out a new to us brunch spot in Sacramento, Fox & Goose.


Mom had heard lots of good things about it and it’s gotten a nod in Sacramento News and Review for Best Brunch. Pleasant surprise? No waiting for a table! I assumed brunch on a Saturday would be at least a 30 minute wait, but we were seated right away. Bonus points for patio seating on a gorgeous, breezy spring day.

It’s not brunch without a Bloody Mary (or three). Mom and the Mr. got bacon in theirs, and maybe that’s the route I should have gone. Was it tasty? Yes. Was it spicy like the menu claimed? Not so much, and I love my Bloody Mary’s with some heat. I’ll definitely be ordering extra spicy in the future.

Mom got the quiche:

fox & goose menu 4


They had a special quiche on the day we went, it involved artichoke hearts, and the bite I snuck off Mom’s plate was deeeee-licious.

My go-to breakfast is eggs benedict with spinach and tomatoes, sauce on the side:


Instead of the normal hollandaise sauce, Fox & Goose switches things up with a Welsh rarebit cheese sauce. The first bite left me hesitant. It was strong, slightly tangy, and more textured than I was expecting (maybe because it had cooled slightly?). But I am, above all else, a lover of all things cheese. A few tastes in and I have to admit it was pretty freaking delicious. The eggs were perfectly poached (and quite uniformly shaped), the yolk creamy and delicious. I went with fruit on the side over the potatoes, and I’m always excited when I get something more than melon and grapes…I’m looking at you Denny’s.

The Mr. went with an omelet and added feta and artichoke hearts:

fox & goose menu 3


This might have been one of the missteps of the day. While it  wasn’t bad by any means, it also wasn’t particularly special. But the country potatoes it comes with were pretty tasty, and this is coming from a die-hard hashbrown lover.

In general, I’m not really a fan of ordering omelets when we eat out for breakfast. Omelets can be really delicious when they’re cooked well, but they can also turn into a large heaping pile of overcooked egg and semi-greasy toppings that kind of all just tastes of same-ness. Anyone else with me?

With excellent service and overall tasty food, I’m sure we’ll be checking it out again in the future.

Thanks for being born Mom! And thanks for making the judgment call to have Olan Mills pictures taken back in the day…so good, so good!


Always, Sierra

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