My Fave Newbie Runner Moments

Getting a Garmin – Holiday season was just around the corner (i.e. 6 months away) and I casually started dropping how much I would love a running watch into just about every conversation I had with the Mr. I reasoned, rationalized, begged and pleaded. In case he didn’t get the hint, when the Forerunner 410 went on sale at Costco, I made sure I sent him the link. And when Christmas morning rolled around, my joy knew no bounds…

The only sad part was that I had already gone for my morning run. Lucky for you guys, I’m a pretty awesome actor.

I wasn’t just a newbie runner anymore, I was a newbie runner who could throw around jargon like splits, pace and touch bezel…I had arrived!

The first time I ran a mile with no walk breaks – This is not where I insert a qualifying “I know it’s not that far but” statement! A mile is far. 5,280 feet. 63,360 inches. That’s way longer than my favorite route of all time, from the couch to the freezer for ice cream.

I called my Dad immediately after it happened. The short legs we both have were a running joke between us (har har), and while he may not have understood why on Earth I’d want to run anywhere let alone a mile in no particular direction, he couldn’t have been happier or more proud of me.


When you’re a new runner and side cramps are attacking you and you can’t breath even though you know you’re running so slow you’re practically not moving and you’ve almost convinced yourself not to even bother trying…that’s when you celebrate any and every milestone you can, and find motivation to not give up.

For me it was a mile. For you, maybe it’s to the end of the street, or to your favorite coffee shop around the corner. Whatever it is, when you make it there, enjoy every minute of that sweet, sweet victory (note – victory sometimes disguises itself as the sensation of burning lungs).

My first pair of running shoes –  The constant piece of advice from all runners is that if you’re going to invest in anything, make it a pair of properly fitting running shoes. Everyone is right.


I was so nervous going into a REAL running store pretending I was a REAL runner who needed REAL running shoes. The service guy was super nice, approaching me right away asking how he could help, and I’m pretty sure all I managed to blurt out was “Shoes. Run. Well, jog. No, run. Help.”

After I bought these (kind of expensive) beauties, I gratefully retired not only my 3+ year old sneakers I had been using but also all the aches and pains they had given me.

Buy new shoes. Do it. Treat yo self.

Hitting the wall – This one just happened to me a couple weeks ago. All the running blogs I read talk about the dreaded wall and how they hit it in this marathon or that one. This wall puzzled me. I was already running slow, already struggling to breath, just because I was new. Why worry about hitting this wall, when I could barely hit 5 miles?

After a night of beer drinking to celebrate the Mr.’s birthday, a week of fighting off a back injury, and a breakfast of two bites of banana, I set out on my newly devised long run. By long I mean 4-5 miles…let’s not get overdramatic here.

I didn’t just hit the wall, I slammed into it so hard I felt like I had been punched in balls (if I had balls).



Within 10 minutes of heading out, my legs were lead, my back was seizing, my motivation was zero, and I had no energy. I’m stubborn and told myself you can do it, you can fight through this. I made it for about 20 more minutes before the tears started. I just couldn’t take one more step. Only, I didn’t have a cell phone to call the Mr. for a rescue, so I had to take one more step. I had to take lots of one more steps all the way back to my house, at a nice, defeated, slow and steady walk, trying not to cry the whole time.

I can’t say it was a fun experience, but I can say I’m glad I hit it early on in my running career. Feel what it’s like now, so that I can head it off before it starts, or deal with it better, next time.

What have been your favorite running moments?

Always, Sierra

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