Spring Fever Strikes!

The weather here today has been too glorious to resist. I carved a few hours out of the day and swung by my place to pick up this little creature…


…so that we could do a little adventuring.


Hiking with your dog on a sunny day? Don’t forget to protect yourself and your pup. Pack a hat and slather on the sunscreen for you, and bring along water and snacks for both of you. If your dog’s new to hiking, start with shorter hikes in the cooler morning/evening hours a few times a week to help build their stamina and toughen up their paws. Having a first aid kit on hikes of any length is also smart. Since my pup is allergic to bee stings I make sure to carry Benadryl with me too. Keep your eyes open for signs of overheating and for signs of cow patties…so gross when they decide to get down and dirty in one.


We weren’t the only adventurers out enjoying the sunshine. This lil guy scampered off the warm trail as we walked by…


…and I’ve never seen a sunbather look so content.


Happy Trails!

Always, Sierra

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