Just A Three Letter Word

We’re good at the how, when, where, what, and who questions, but how often do we ask the people in our lives why?

Why do you spend your time doing the things you do? Why are those things enjoyable to you?

I was asked this weekend why I run.  question mark road


For months, I’ve been devouring Runner’s World and running blogs like this and this. I’ve progressed from being able to run for 15 minutes to marking off 4 miles. When someone says Meb, I know exactly who they’re talking about and how awesome he is.

Despite all the knowledge I’ve built and hard work I’ve put into my goals, that little three letter word caused my mind to go blank. All I had to offer was a canned, “Because I love it”.

             shy lion


I mean, it’s not a horrible response. I do love running (most days). But it’s so much more than that!

Discussing your passions can be exciting…and scary. It opens you up to judgment and criticism. But it’s that vulnerability that allows a deeper intimacy in friendships, and I missed an opportunity for that.

If I could have a do over, I would say I run because I have never asked myself to commit to something I find so challenging. Because I can attack miles with a singular focus when the rest of  my life is all about multi-tasking. Because it strengthens me: my body, my work ethic, and my spirit.

I run because it amazes me that I can.

The next time someone asks me why, I’ll be ready.

Always, Sierra

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