Have a lovely Friday!


  1. I would wear this toucan everywhere.
  2. I just discovered Steelhead Red, it’s tasty and supports conservation efforts. All around win!
  3. These are the good old days” now.
  4. Cat vs. Vacuum because everyone needs a little cat video in their life.
  5. Hunting for inspiration? Check out these women.
  6. Reading this book over the weekend…Perfectionist? Who, me?
  7. An appropriately timed article on prevening running injuries showed up in my inbox. Too bad I didn’t get it a week ago!
  8. I’m pretty much in love with the creepy coolness of this necklace.
  9. Alicia Keys discusses a Fit Body. Fit Mind. Fit Spirit. for Reebok.
  10. The spirit of Boston is amazing, this moved me to tears.

I hope this weekend brings you an adventure or two!

Always, Sierra

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