Push it….push it good!

My body’s been getting stronger, both in running and strength workouts, and it has felt amazing. Amazing to see the growth of my abilities and to have confidence in my legs to carry me for miles.


So I took it up a level last week. Took what up? Everything…dumbbell weights, pace, running on tired legs, no rest day after, a long run a couple days later, a speed workout…can you see where this is going?

Welcome to day 2 of a minimum 3 day hiatus from running and strength. In the process of pushing myself because I felt amazing, I pushed myself right past amazing to an uncomfortable, grumpy, tweaked back.



Reminding myself that I’m a beginner is a constant challenge.

My personal drive wants me running half marathons tomorrow. My personal drive wants me running 8 minute miles tomorrow. My personal drive wants me doing 20 lb bicep curls tomorrow. It doesn’t want me to take the time to worry about form, to worry about all those little stabilizer muscles and whether they’re ready, to worry about my tight hip flexors.

But it’s those little things that are going to get me where I want to be, and get me there healthy. Doing these things for my body is an act of self-love.



So today, I’m recommitting to:

  • Review one of my favorite running books, Anatomy of a Runner by Jay Dicharry, and incorporate the stretches and exercises that will make my running form stronger
  • Develop a body weight strength routine for the next few weeks to give my back a rest and re-focus on proper form
  • Only challenge myself in one way per workout (aka showing a little common sense!)
  • Listen to my body when it tells me something isn’t quite right
  • Remember that I want to be running for the next 50 years, and a rest day when I need it won’t make me less of a runner

I hope you’re running injury free tonight!

Always, Sierra

2 thoughts on “Push it….push it good!

  1. Das my girrrrl! Yeah, let’s not over-do it, but I appreciate your enthusiasm! Lord knows I could use a run in my life. Too bad I have yet to purchase new shoes since the infamous New Balance fiasco of 2011. SMH. Anyways, proud of you. Keep it up.

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