Four Years in The Making

I’m pretty sure one of the first blogs I ever came across back in 2009 was Cupcakes and Cashmere, a blog I still love to this day.

It wasn’t long before my blog roll was longer than my toilet paper roll. I’d come back to my favorite blogs every day, loyally following along with someone’s latest recipe, discovery, fashion trend, or whimsical fancy. I didn’t know what an RSS feed was, so my level of dedication was pretty stellar.

me 2009Me, circa 2009

I started talking about creating my own blog. First, with my close friend at happy hour. A drink or two in when anything seemed possible, and I’d be throwing out blog names, talking about how I could market it to this crowd or that crowd.

A year or two passed, and I was still talking about it.

I was paralyzed…How do I make money? How do I make it a success? Fashion blogs are trending right now, should I focus on fashion? I just moved into a new place, maybe I should journal my home decor and DIY escapades? Foodie central is going on all around me, I could do a where to eat/drink blog?!

I was missing the whole point of what a blog was all about!

Blogging means putting your unique voice, passions, and interests out into the world. It means being a little vulnerable, and having courage in that vulnerability. If the audience comes, if the money comes, that’s great, but without being your authentic self, what would that really mean? It’d just be another side hustle, another 9 to 5 job.

I had this realization about a year ago.  I created a wordpress account and let a select group of people that had been supportive all along know that they could officially start reading my random ramblings…

That wordpress account sat empty until today.

Today the restlessness has gotten the better of me. Today, I feel stronger and more self assured in who I am. Today, I feel that my voice can carry, whether to 1 person or 1,000 people.Today, I don’t need to hide behind a gimmick or a “target audience”. Today, I feel that I am worth it, that I am worth giving myself a dream that I have had for so long, and that I am worth the hard work it will take.


So, four years later, welcome to my blog. A blog that I am worthy of, a blog that will make me happy just by being in existence. A blog that is going to meander from subject to subject, passion to passion, as I strive to be authentic in everything I do.

Always, Sierra


4 thoughts on “Four Years in The Making

  1. Yes, you are a worthy,courageous, and a very authentic/special person that is full of passion, learning, love, adventure, interesting ideas and full of dreams that you can and will realize because you, my dear daughter, have never been afraid of hard work.
    I am both proud and happy that you have started this journey and l am looking forward to following you.
    All My Love, Mom.

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